Star Trek Discovery Will See Spock Reconcile His Human & Vulcan Sides

Actor Ethan Peck reveals the conflict Spock will endure when trying to reconcile the two sides of his heritage during Star Trek: Discovery season 2.

Star Trek Discovery Spock

Ethan Peck revealed that his Spock will blend more of his human and Vulcan sides than audiences have previously seen. Peck is the third actor to play the iconic Star Trek role and will debut his performance during season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery.

Spock was originally conceived to function as the antithesis of human compulsion and emotion - a logical foil to James Kirk's more free-wheeling style, representing the universal conflict between head and heart. That said, the character was written as half-human, so Spock was empowered to experience a broader range of emotions than full-blooded members of his race, though he'd opted to live a fully Vulcan lifestyle of suppressing them. This meant that during the character's tenure on Star Trek, he wrestled with his feelings on more than one occasion, but mostly remained Kirk's logical, ever so slightly condescending conscience.

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But in an interview with TV Insider, actor Ethan Peck revealed that season 2 of Discovery would reveal Spock at a critical and as yet unseen juncture in his life that would see the character dealing with some past trauma:

He's not yet fully realized. I view this time in his history as an opportunity for us to explore Mr. Spock's genesis. It's during this moment that he reconciles his human and Vulcan [sides], so we see him sway between extremes of emotion and logic... He's absolutely more emotional than we've seen him before. [Those feelings] erupt from deep within him, triggered by a traumatic event. He's dealing with his human side for the first time since childhood, a process that is essential to his development.

Star Trek Kirk and Spock

Peck's statements go hand in hand with what we already know about Discovery's sophomore season. The main arc will focus on seven signals that have erupted in the galaxy and are more powerful than anything Starfleet has ever encountered. Along with the discovery of said signals, Spock is undergoing major mental turmoil to the point of taking a leave of absence from Starfleet and is on the Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike. In a season 2 promotional video, executive producer Olatunde Osunsamni characterized his arc with these words: "This iteration of Spock is going through things we never realized Spock went through," which coincides with Peck's statements that we're meeting the character at an as yet unseen moment in his evolution.

Spock's mere presence on Discovery marks a pretty risky move on the part of the Star Trek franchise's newest family member. The series ruffled feathers early on with what many fans believed to be betrayals of canon in everything from plot to philosophy to makeup and costume design. But something the first season had going for it was the fact that while it took place during a pretty well-documented time in the Federation's history, there were no major characters resurrected with new backgrounds, actors and stories. Even Christopher Pike in season 2 has the advantage of being far less fleshed out (canon-wise) than Spock, allowing the writers the freedom to play with his background some more.

Spock does not come with that kind of freedom, though it would appear that Discovery has found a way to inject a new narrative into one of Star Trek's oldest and most beloved characters. And frankly, the idea that Spock struggled with integrating his human and Vulcan sides as a young person is more than believable - more so, in fact, than the idea that he had a foster sister he never mentioned once during his entire run on Star Trek.

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Source: TV Insider

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