Star Trek: Discovery Should Introduce Spock In Season 2

Spock and the Discovery from Star Trek

Caution: Spoilers ahead for Star Trek: Discovery


Star Trek: Discovery has just finished Season 1, but the journey is far from over - and in its next stage should definitely include Spock. Discovery wrapped up its maiden voyage with an almighty bombshell of a closing scene; while heading to Vulcan to pick up its new Captain, the Discovery received a distress call from none other than the U.S.S. Enterprise and its current leader, Christopher Pike. The episode ended with a final shot of the Discovery nose-to-nose with the Enterprise in a moment that had the Star Trek faithful foaming at the mouth.

Star Trek: Discovery has not been shy about referencing the franchise's illustrious and rich history, with Easter eggs referencing everything from Tribbles to Jonathan Archer. However, the show has been more reserved in alluding to the current status of the Enterprise and its crew. Given Starfleet's war against the Klingons, the Enterprise has almost been conspicuous by its absence and considering the presence of both Sarek and Burnham, references to Spock have been few and far between.

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However, it appears these particular elements were being saved for Discovery's final act. With the Enterprise comes its first officer, Spock, who would have been serving on board under Pike at this time. While re-casting Spock could hardly be considered boldly going where no man has gone before, here's why Star Trek: Discovery should bite the bullet and reveal Spock on-screen in its forthcoming second season.

This Page: NOT Using Spock In Discovery Would Be A Cop-Out

NOT Using Spock In Discovery Would Be A Cop-Out

Star Trek - The Discovery and the Enterprise

The most prominent reason for Star Trek: Discovery to introduce Spock in Season 2 is that to not do so at this point would feel like a huge letdown. Discovery has been a critical success in its own right without ever relying too heavily on nostalgia and it certainly doesn't need the inclusion of famous legendary characters to be interesting or relevant. However, with the recent season finale bringing the Enterprise and the Discovery to within touching distance of each other, introducing the likes of Pike and Spock is the only logical next step. Any attempt to wriggle out of doing so now would feel like a complete cop-out.

Producers Aaron Harberts and Alex Kurtzman have been predictably coy on the topic of Spock and/or Pike turning up in Discovery, neither ruling out nor committing to the idea. The duo's comments since the finale aired do, however, confirm that the Enterprise will be a factor in next season's story. But what would be the point without the ship's most famous crew member? If Discovery's Enterprise storyline is resolved without any appearance of the pointy-eared scientist, not only would many viewers feel frustrated, but Spock's presence in the show would become more of an elephant in the room than it already is.

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This is especially true when taking into consideration the telling glance between Burnham (Spock's adoptive sister) and Sarek as they discover the Enterprise is in trouble. Both characters are aware that Spock is on the ship and are visibly concerned that disaster may have befallen him. The scene sets up the question of "Is Spock alright?" and that will need to be answered in Season 2. Can a satisfying resolution really be reached without ever showing the character on screen?

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