Star Trek: Discovery Set Photo Leaks Possible New Klingon Design

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Star Trek: Discovery will be the first CBS original series to appear on the network's All Access digital imprint. The announcement came at the end of 2015, and the series has undergone several major changes since its inception. The most jarring came when Bryan Fuller, who had previously written for other series in the franchise's fifty year history, stepped down as Discovery showrunner. Before the shock had time to set it, fans were assured that Fuller would continue with the series as an executive producer and his "vision" for the new series would be upheld.

As far as what to expect, Gene Roddenberry's foundation of a diverse and inclusive race of humans seeks to explore the diversity the universe has to offer. A female lead was confirmed before any casting announcements. Since then, we know The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green is the commanding officer aboard the Discovery. She is joined by Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones, and three actors that will bring Klingons back to the forefront -- Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, and Mary Chieffo.

The series promised to reveal a major event that had not previously been covered on screen, which leaves fans to speculate whether there's going to be significant time given to the conflict between the Klingons and the Federation. Filming began just last month, and a recent update video provided a small glimpse of what to look forward to in the upcoming series. One major thing of note in the video was a set of armored costumes on display. has revealed a photo from set that shows a gaggle (horde? flock?) of armored Klingons enjoying craft services.

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The image cannot actually be found on any social media because it was pulled, but not before a screencap was snapped. The photo was posted by an Instagram user named Andrew MacKay, who is presumably a Klingon as well. The caption reads, "Hangin out with my new Klingon Crew today on set of the new #startrek." Not only can the armor from the official video be seen, but it is on fully made up aliens that look just as frightening and deadly as their suits.

This photo shows ridges that appear to cover the entire head from eyebrow to spinal column. Most fans are familiar with the look Michael Dorn was given to bring Worf to life; however these Klingons look very different. Another notable change if these are, in fact, Klingons, is they are bald. If this is the type of force the crew of the Discovery are up against, fans could be in for an action packed ride.

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Star Trek: Discovery premieres first on CBS in May 2017, with all remaining episodes airing on the network's digital only All Access platform.


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