Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 First Look Teases The USS Enterprise

The Enterprise in Star Trek Discovery

A new photo from the upcoming second season of Star Trek: Discovery has teased the appearance of the USS Enterprise - the ship which lay at the center of the original Star Trek television series. The seventh television series set in the Star Trek universe, Star Trek: Discovery is set roughly ten years before the start of Star Trek: The Original Series. The action of the show focuses upon Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) - a Science Specialist assigned to the USS Discovery, who is struggling to redeem herself following an act of mutiny that saw her kill the Klingon warrior who killed her commanding officer and kick off a war between Starfleet and The Klingon Empire in the process.

The first season of Discovery detailed the events of the conflict, ending with a cessation of hostilities, at least for now. The season finale ended on a cliffhanger, with the USS Discovery, en route to the planet Vulcan to pick up their newly assigned Captain, receiving a distress call from Captain Pike and the USS Enterprise.

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The photo, which can be viewed below, was first published by EW. It was released as part of a series of various teasers for several television series in anticipation of San Diego Comic-Con 2018, and shows Michael standing aboard The USS Enterprise.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham on USS Enterprise in Star Trek Discovery season 2

Anticipation is rife regarding Discovery's second season, and the possibilities offered by an encounter with The USS Enterprise. Ignoring the fact that the series is revisiting the setting of the very first Star Trek television series, there is another reason why fans are anxiously awaiting the episode - the possibility of an appearance by Mister Spock. It's a matter of record in the prime timeline that Mister Spock served as Science Officer on the USS Enterprise under Captain Pike for several years before Captain James T. Kirk took command of the ship - a fact established in the original Star Trek pilot, "The Cage."

A Spock cameo could potentially prove doubly interesting, given that Michael Burnham is Spock's foster sister. The first season of Discovery revealed that Michael had been adopted by Spock's father, the Vulcan diplomat Sarek, and that she was raised in the Vulcan traditions on their homeworld before joining Starfleet. It's unknown, however, if a meeting between the siblings will take place, though Discovery director Jonathan Frakes confirmed that a young Spock will be depicted in flashbacks to Michael's childhood on Vulcan in season 2.

If an adult Spock does appear in Star Trek: Discovery, it's unlikely he will be portrayed by Zachary Quinto, who plays the role of Spock in the divergent timeline in which the most recent Star Trek films are set. There are a variety of reasons for this, with the chief ones being a lack of time on Quinto's part, and legal issues, given that the film and television rights to Star Trek are currently held by different companies. The only thing certain in all of this speculation is that Trekkers everywhere will be waiting impatiently for any news about the franchise that comes out of San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

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Source: EW

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