Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Might Not Release Until 2019

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Star Trek: Discovery has finally launched its long anticipated first season after several well publicized production delays, but the show's producers are suggesting it might also be a long wait for season 2.

Discovery is a prequel that chronicles a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire through the eyes of Commander Michael Burnham, the former first officer of the USS Shenzhou who unwittingly had a hand in the escalation of the conflict. The first 15-episode season is being split in two, with the first half wrapping up in November and the second half beginning in January 2018.

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While CBS is understandably waiting to see how the first season performs before making any sort of commitment to a followup, season 2 is already on producer Alex Kurtzman's mind. In an interview with THR, Kurtzman acknowledges a potential second season likely wouldn't happen until "the early side of 2019." Despite the hypothetical nature of a far off season 2, Kurtzman says it's already on the minds of him and his fellow producers.

"We have a larger picture for season two — if we're lucky to get a season two order. As you're breaking the season you get bunch of ideas you love and realize they won't fit in this season, so you put them on index cards and up on the board. We have a bunch of those as well as a big idea that emerged mid- to late-season one for something we want to do for season two. That's now become the spine of what we want to do for season two. We have an emotional compass pointing toward a big idea for a second season."

Kurtzman also suggests the show will stay away from the grueling 22 episode seasons that not only encompass a lot of past Trek shows, but are the standard for CBS output these days.

"I always like less. I'd never do 22, that'd be a big mistake. If we get a second season, I'd like us to agree on a number in advance so we can make sure we are planning accordingly."

Discovery debuted to mostly favorable reviews and strong viewing numbers in its only planned CBS broadcast, and it's also reportedly led to a huge surge in CBS All Access subscriptions. There's a long way to go before we know whether or not Discovery is a success, but it's good to know the show's producers are already planning for the next chapter.

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Star Trek: Discovery continues next Sunday with ‘Context is for Kings’ on CBS All Access.

Source: THR

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