Star Trek: Discovery - 9 Unanswered Questions From The Season 2 Premiere

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Premiere Questions

Warning: SPOILERS below for Star Trek: Discovery's Season 2 premiere:

Star Trek: Discovery's season 2 premiere, "Brother", brought Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) aboard the titular starship. However, fans hoping to also see Mr. Spock (Ethan Peck) will have to wait a bit longer; only the famed Vulcan's voice is heard in his ship's log late in the episode, which leaves behind several major questions for season 2.

Picking right up from Star Trek: Discovery season 1 finale's cliffhanger, the U.S.S. Discovery has come face-to-face with a damaged U.S.S. Enterprise. Captain Pike beams aboard and takes command of Acting Captain Saru's (Doug Jones) vessel with a new mission to investigate seven red signals in space, one of which crippled the Enterprise's systems. Meanwhile, Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) expects to see her foster brother Spock, the Enterprise's Science Officer, and is disappointed when he's nowhere to be found. Burnham and Pike lead a team to investigate one of the signals, which is emanating from an asteroid. They instead find a crashed Federation starship with an engineer named Jet Reno (Tig Notaro) aboard. As they escape the asteroid, Burnham is injured and sees a ghostly red vision before Pike saves her. Back aboard the Discovery, Ensign Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) beams an asteroid fragment composed of dark matter aboard as Burnham boards the Enterprise to search for Spock, finding instead the star map to the seven red signals her Vulcan foster brother left behind.

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Star Trek: Discovery's season 2 premiere introduces a bit more fun and levity into the series while still generating several mysteries about the red signals in space, about the Starship Enterprise, and about Spock's unrevealed history with Michael Burnham. Here are the Star Trek: Discovery season 2 premiere's biggest questions:

What Are The Seven Red Signals?

Captain Pike's orders were to take command of the Discovery and investigate the mysterious red signals that damaged the Enterprise. There are seven red signals spread out over 30,000 light years but the first signal appeared to vanish when Discovery went to investigate. The trailer for Star Trek: Discovery season 2 already revealed that the threat the crew will face is "The Red Angel". However, while Burnham does see a vision of the Red Angel - an otherworldly apparition of a humanoid silhouette with what appears to be wings - the name "Red Angel" isn't spoken in the episode and Discovery comes up with no real answers about the "red things", as Pike called them.

Besides the apparition and the star map Michael discovers in Spock's quarters aboard the Enterprise, we learn little about the mysterious Red Angel, but the story of the African girl thousands of years ago who created the Milky Way that Michael narrates must be tied to it. Is the Red Angel indeed "a message in a bottle" left among the stars with answers to ancient cosmic questions? After dealing with Klingons, war, and the Mirror Universe in season 1, is the Red Angel Discovery's season 2 pivot in the direction of meeting the kind of space gods that have appeared throughout Star Trek history like the Metron, the Iconians, or the Q Continuum?

Is Jet Reno Lying About Not Knowing What The Signal Is?

When Discovery investigates the first red signal which emanates from an asteroid comprised of dark matter that's heading into a pulsar, Michael, Pike, and Commander Nahn find the crashed U.S.S. Hiawatha, a Starfleet medical frigate believed to have been lost 10 months prior. Aboard the Hiawatha, they met Jet Reno, the sarcastic Engineer who kept members of her crew alive by jerry-rigging various means of life support. However, when Pike asked what she knew about the signal, Reno claimed she'd never heard of them.

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Is Jet lying? After all, she spent 10 months alone on the Hiawatha and she had the ingenuity to turn the ship's systems into medical life support, plus she constructed three flying drones she calls "the kids" that serve as her eyes and ears. It doesn't seem likely Reno wouldn't have encountered the signal or even seen a vision of the Red Angel. And if Reno isn't telling the truth, she certainly wouldn't be the first duplicitous Starfleet character introduced by Discovery. The mysterious Jet Reno knows more than she's letting on and she definitely bears watching, especially now that she's aboard the Discovery.

What's The Deal With Lieutenant Connelly?

Sonequa Martin-Green Anson Mount and Doug Jones in Star Trek Discovery Season 2

Burnham was expecting Spock and was disappointed when the Enterprise's acting Science Officer, Lieutenant Evan Connelly, beamed aboard the Discovery instead. Even more disappointing was how Connelly quickly established himself to be an arrogant idiot who looked down his nose at Michael and assumed he knew more than her. Then, because he was so pig-headed, Connelly foolishly got himself killed in short order while flying a pod through an asteroid storm.

Connelly seemed like Star Trek: Discovery season 2's version of season 1's dumbest character, Commander Landry. The former Security Chief of Discovery won herself no fans by also being arrogant and obstinate and she also got herself killed in short order by not listening to Michael - which led the Tardigrade to rip her apart. If Connelly is a sly callback to Landry, here's hoping he's also the last outright stupid character Star Trek: Discovery serves up. Starfleet Officers are supposed to be more competent and much smarter than that.

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