Star Trek: Discovery Casting Breakdowns Reveal New Season 2 Characters

Star Trek: Discovery is taking on some new crew members, as details on a trio of new characters for season 2 of the CBS All Access series have emerged. The sophomore season for Star Trek's long awaited return to television began production this week.

After a dark, polarizing first season, Discovery's producers have been promising a slightly more traditional take on the final frontier in the second season, as the Klingon war fades into the distance and a slightly redesigned USS Enterprise - commanded by Anson Mount's Captain Christopher Pike - speeds into frame. Fans have speculated about what other Star Trek icons might be stopping by this season, in particular Spock, Commander Michael Burnham's adoptive brother who should definitely be on the Enterprise during this time period.

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We may not know if we'll see Spock on the Enterprise, but it seems as if we're getting closer to meeting a younger version of everyone's favorite Vulcan this season. That Hashtag Show has revealed a breakdown of three new characters joining the series. One of those new cast members is referred to as "Samuel," but the character breakdown - a ten year old who will be required to wear latex prosthetics - certainly sounds like a codename for a young Spock, who Discovery director and Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Jonathan Frakes recently revealed will play a role in the show this season via flashbacks.

Another character described is Denise Reno, the chief engineer of the USS Hiawatha, who was recently announced as being played by comedian Tig Notaro. An added detail here is that Reno will be using a wheelchair. This actually wouldn't be the first time we've seen an active Starfleet officer in a wheelchair; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine featured a character named Melora Pazlar who, due to the fact she came from a low gravity planet, was unable to walk in the normal conditions of Starfleet ships and space stations.

The character we know the least about in the breakdowns is May, a female engineering officer. It seems likely May would logically be another supporting character for Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets, who often seemed lonely - and cranky - in engineering when Burnham and Ensign Syliva Tilly weren't around.

Discovery was an often divisive show in its first season, owing more to cynical, ultraviolent shows like Game of Thrones than past Star Trek series. It also took some eyebrow raising liberties with canon, like its visual reinvention of the Klingons, though the producers have assured fans the new season will address some of those seeming inconsistencies. The show's supporting cast also seemed somewhat small at times, so it's nice that we're seemingly getting an expanded roster for round two of the CBS All Access series.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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