Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Ending Explained

The Discovery Goes To The Future - Possibly For Good

Fans had already theorized that bringing the Discovery into the future was Star Trek: Discovery season 2's endgame and the series indeed went full-throttle into the 32nd century. The rationale for such a drastic move was the fact that the sphere data  bonded to the Discovery's computer. The data wouldn't allow itself to be erased nor would it allow the starship to be destroyed. Michael realized the only way to keep that information away from Control was to remove the Discovery from the 23rd century altogether by taking the entire starship containing the data into the unexplored future.

Moreso, even though they defeated Control, the sphere data was altogether too dangerous to keep in the 23rd century - not to mention such information violates Star Trek canon since it would contain numerous things the Federation simply can't know. But by jumping into the future, it allows the Discovery (which many fans griped was already too advanced for its era thanks to its tech like the spore displacement hub drive) to evolve technologically even beyond what fans know to exist in the 24th century. The Discovery actually belongs in Star Trek's future and now, the series has opened up an era that fans have never seen before.

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What Happens To The Discovery And Her Crew In The 32nd Century?

After they vanished through the wormhole, Michael and the crew of the Discovery weren't seen again in "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2" so fans will have to wait until Star Trek: Discovery season 3 to find out exactly how our heroes are faring in the 32nd century. We can guess that they arrived safely at Terralysium, which was the endpoint Michael set, and perhaps she was reunited with her mother Dr. Burnham, although it's not yet known if Gabrielle did return to Terralysium when she vanished in "Perpetual Infinity". Since they defeated Control, all sentient life in the galaxy continues to exist in the 3180s, but, as people out of time, the Discovery's crew is likely hiding from the universe on Terralysium - at least for a while.

Compellingly, the Discovery jumping to the future synchs up with the Short Trek episode "Calypso", where an evolved U.S.S. Discovery took on a female personality named Zora and then meets and falls in love with a lost soldier. In "Calypso", the starship was abandoned by her crew and adrift in an unknown region of space. It's possible Michael, Saru, and the crew disembarked on Terralysium and then sent the Discovery away to hide the ship from the rest of the galaxy before the events of "Calypso". This could also mean the crew will have to go out and find their missing starship once more in Star Trek: Discovery season 3.

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