Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Teases What's to Come in Season 1

A newly-released trailer for Star Trek: Discovery's first season introduces some new characters and showcases the greater conflict between the Federation and the Klingon empire to come.

Star Trek: Discovery made its long anticipated debut September 24th, screening the first episode on CBS and the second immediately afterward on the streaming platform CBS All Access, which is the show's permanent home going forward. The premiere episode introduced lead character Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), the first officer of the USS Shenzhou who unexpectedly finds herself at the center of a new conflict with the Klingon empire. After the explosive, surprising first two episodes, Burnham finds herself in a very different position as an incredibly violent war rages between the two sides.

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We're now getting a look at what the future holds for Burnham and her Starfleet allies. Said trailer (see the video above) both reveals how Burnham finds herself on the USS Discovery and teases the trial and tribulations that are to come for her, thereafter.

The trailer also gives us our best look yet at Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs), the commanding officer of the Discovery who's brought the disgraced Burnham onboard for mysterious purposes. It also confirms Doug Jones' Kelpian officer Lieutenant Commander Saru is onboard the Discovery as well, a physical reminder of Burnham's costly mistakes on the Shenzhou. The trailer continues to showcase Discovery's franchise-best effects work, promising more explosive starship battles and hand to hand combat with the Klingons and, curiously, the Vulcans.

Star Trek: Discovery got off to a solid start, registering mostly positive reviews and solid ratings for its one and only CBS airing, besting Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek homage/parody The Orville on both counts. It's also led to a spike in subscriptions for CBS All Access, which at the moment boasts very little original content apart from Discovery.

Discovery's success is hugely important for not only All Access - which will likely cease to exist in its current form if Discovery fails - but the Star Trek franchise overall. The J. J. Abrams film reboot franchise is in a state of limbo after last year's Star Trek Beyond underperformed at the box office. CBS is reportedly willing to expand its small screen Star Trek output if Discovery takes off - a Khan series by Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer is reportedly in development - but Discovery needs to prove itself first. Its first two episodes and explosive new trailer suggest the show may yet prove able to live up to expectations.

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Star Trek: Discovery continues next Sunday with ‘Context is for Kings’ on CBS All Access.

Source: CBS

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