Star Trek: Discovery Character Posters Reveal New Klingon Character

Star Trek: Discovery’s latest batch of posters has unveiled a new Klingon character. It was already known that the villainous Klingons would play a large part in the CBS All Access streaming series, with Chris Obie’s T’Kuvma lined up as the main threat.

Much has been made of the Klingons’ look in the show, which doesn’t line up with the classic style of the species. (Given that Discovery takes place just ten years before the original series, the difference in Klingon design here really is striking.) However, fans have been given a 'scientific' explanation to account for the visual discrepancies. And as an extra treat, it’s been announced that these new Klingons will actually speak in Klingon on the show.

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Now, a stack of additional promo posters for Discovery has arrived and unveiled a new Klingon character named Voq, in the process. It’s unclear which actor will be playing the role, or where Voq will fit in the grand scheme of things. Also, in the gallery below, you will find posters of two other Klingons: Chris Obie’s leader T’Kuvma, and Mary Chieffo’s battle deck commander L’Rell.

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You may notice straight off the bat that Voq has a lighter skin tone to T’Kuvma and L’Rell. This chimes with what co-showrunner Aaron Roberts has said about Discovery; namely, “We will introduce several different [Klingon] houses with different styles.” It’s believed that T’Kuvma will be trying to unite these various Klingon houses in the show. Feasibly, then, Voq could be someone that T'Kuvma is trying to recruit to his cause. And it seems safe to assume that this cause involves taking down Starfleet and everything it stands for.

Certainly, there will need to be a major evil presence in this show to properly challenge the good guys. With two captains and two ships in the show – Jason Isaacs' Captain Lorca will lead the U.S.S. Discovery, while Michelle Yeoh's Captain Georgiou calls the shots on the U.S.S. Shenzou – Starfleet is looking pretty powerful. It makes sense that T’Kuvma will need to call in some favors and forge some alliances to try and topple them.

Of course, there’s also Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham for T'Kuvma to worry about. She’s not a captain, but she is Spock’s half-sister, which is bound to mean that she’s highly competent. (By the way, the producers have promised that this Spock family retcon will make sense.)

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Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS All Access on Sunday, September 24.

Source: CBS

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