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Star Trek: Discovery just released a new poster and a slew of new images ahead of its fall premiere. CBS is betting big on both the new series and its All Access streaming service, as it releases Discovery exclusively on the on-demand platform. If Discovery lives up to the legacy of the Star Trek franchise and attracts much of its massive, dedicated fanbase to CBS All Access, the network's bet could really pay off.

It appears that the character of First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) will play a significant role in the series, working alongside Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). Chris Obi as the Klingon T'Kuvma is only officially listed for two episodes, but is featured in the first Star Trek: Discovery trailer and is part of a new gallery of images, offering new looks at the main characters of Discovery.

CBS released the fresh set of images on Wednesday, including a new official Discovery poster. The gallery features a look at Obi as T'Kuvma, a makeup-covered Doug Jones as Lieutenant Saru, Martin-Green as Burnham, and Yeoh as Georgiou. There's also a wide shot of a mysterious desert planet. You can check out the full gallery below.

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Yeoh and Martin-Green can be seen on the aforementioned desert planet in the first official Star Trek: Discovery image,  and can also be seen traversing the planet in the trailer. CBS must like what it sees, as Discovery has already gotten an expanded first season from 13-15 episodes ahead of its premiere. The show still lacks an official release date, but it's confirmed to happen in the fall.

The trailer and photos released so far certainly reveal a sprawling new Star Trek series, teasing some of the most impressive visuals ever seen in the franchise. There are also potentially powerful and intriguing storylines in place for the show's female leads. With Discovery being built up as a bigger, grittier take on the long-running franchise, it appears that CBS may have created the most ambitious Star Trek series yet.

While the visuals look eye-popping and the new cast will bring some freshness, Star: Trek Discovery still has a lot to live up to in order to be a success. The franchise has had a recent surge thanks to the popularity of the rebooted movie series, and a return to TV alone would carry considerable risk. Discovery, however, is exclusively on All Access - but the network appears confident that Discovery will be good enough to attract legions of new subscribers.

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Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS All-Access Fall 2017.

Source: CBS

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