Jonathan Frakes Drops Exciting Star Trek: Discovery Spoiler

Warning: Mild SPOILER for Star Trek: Discovery ahead


Jonathan Frakes has just revealed a pretty exciting Star Trek: Discovery spoiler - though sadly it's not a Riker cameo. When Star Trek first aired in 1966, there was no way of knowing how large the franchise would grow. But since the original series aired 51 years ago there have been four spin-off shows, 13 movies, numerous toys and merchandise, a vast array of books, documentaries, theme parks, and some of the most involved and passionate fans in the galaxy. So when it comes to spin-off number five, Star Trek: Discovery,  fans are eager to learn as much about it as they can.

But the people working on Star Trek: Discovery have been very careful about what information gets revealed before the series airs. Most of the reveals so far have been related to the main character - First Officer Michael Burnham - instead of the story itself. Fans do know that the series takes place just a few years before the original, and that familiar characters such as Sarek and Harry Mudd will be appearing.

Now it looks like William T. Riker has let the cat out of the bag. Comicbook is reporting that during the Chicago stop of The Continuing Voyage convention tour, actor and director Jonathan Frakes revealed that there will be a mirror universe episode of Discovery. The information was originally revealed on Twitter by the Star Trek themed band 5 Year Mission.

Frakes just revealed that @startrekcbs will be doing a Mirror Universe episode. #CONVOYCHI

— Five Year Mission (@5YearMission) September 17, 2017

The mirror universe was introduced in the original series during an episode called 'Mirror, Mirror'. During the episode, several member of The Enterprise crew found themselves in a parallel world where there was no Federation and where they got to meet their own evil twins. The mirror universe was shown several times in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where the actions of the original series crew had left lasting effects on the universe. Not every doppelganger was evil in this version of the mirror universe. It was also shown in two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, which was of course set well before Kirk's time and his interference with the mirror universe.

Discovery is a prequel to the original series,  so much like on Enterprise the mirror universe will not have been affected by Captain Kirk and his crew yet. Odds are good that all, or nearly all, of the alternate versions of the characters will be evil. Though in the mirror universe, anything can happen.

Frakes will be directing an episode of Star Trek: Discovery, which is probably how he came by the information. His episode is not the one set in the mirror universe, though; instead it will focus on the Klingons.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS All Access on Sunday, September 24.

Source: Comicbook, @5yearmission

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