Star Trek: Discovery Klingons & Deep Space Nine Connection Revealed?

Warning: Possible SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery ahead.


Star Trek: Discovery is out of the gates and running. Several episodes in, the latest bold voyage have somewhat updated the franchise without skewing too far from the heart and soul of Star Trek – aside from a few continuity hiccups. If anything, the show is filled with curious references and callbacks to its predecessors, including Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Spock’s father and mother, Sarek (James Frain) and Amanda Grayson (Mia Kirshner), Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson), and of course, Tribbles.

However, beneath the overt connections, several subtler storylines seem to be playing out, ones that could open up mirror universes and uncover hidden pasts. Some of the new series' plots may be little more than fan service, but others offer intriguing links to future series. Could Discovery draw a line between the Klingon unification movement and a nasty vendetta that played out on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?

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Discovery’s Possible 24th Century Klingon Connection

Could a Star Trek: Discovery character connect to a classic Klingon storyline from Deep Space Nine?

The Klingon Empire remained a fairly one-note adversary until the later films, especially Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The worthy successor to The Original SeriesStar Trek: The Next Generation, truly fleshed out the Klingons, exploring their ideologies, politics, and culture in greater detail. They grew from Cold War analogs for the Soviet Union into a rich, warrior society and Federation ally. Deep Space Nine added further nuance and depth to the captivating species.

In the second season episode, 'Blood Oath,' Jadzia Dax (Terry Ferrell) runs across the aging Klingon warrior Kor (John Colicos, who played Kor on TOS in "Errand of Mercy"), an old friend of the Dax symbiote’s former host Curzon. The Dahar Master, or legendary combatant, is now a shell of his former self. After a night of drunken revelry, his contemporary and friend Koloth (William Campbell from "The Trouble with Tribbles") arrives to bail him out of a holding cell. They’re soon joined aboard the station by Kang (Michael Ansara – who along with Campbell also played these characters on TOS). He reveals that he's located their age-old nemesis, “the Albino” (Bill Bolender).

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According to the story, the pale-skinned Klingon was a notorious pirate and criminal active during the 2280s (Discovery takes place in 2256). Kang, Kor, and Koloth led their armies against him, thwarting his raids of the Klingon colonies. However, the Albino escaped and swore to take revenge on them, later killing each of their firstborn sons with a genetic virus. As a result, the three combatants, as well Federation ambassador Curzon Dax, who was the godfather to Kang’s son, swore to track him down and destroy him. They eventually cut him down, although Kang and Koloth are killed in the process.

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