Star Trek: Discovery Gets Two Awesome Comic-Con Posters

Star Trek Discovery Michelle Yeoh Sonequa Martin-Green

CBS have released two new posters for Star Trek: Discovery ahead of San Diego Comic-Con. Anticipation for the latest series in the Star Trek franchise is reaching fever pitch and delays have meant that fans will be waiting even longer before seeing the latest interpretation of Gene Roddenberry's iconic creation. The new series is set around ten years before the original show and stars Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead), Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Jason Issacs (Harry Potter) among others.

Several official images have been released depicting the various characters in Discovery, whilst also highlighting the uniforms and equipment that will be utilized in the new series; some of which will be very familiar to long-time Star Trek fans. Somewhat more controversially, early shots of famous Trek baddies the Klingons have shown a radically different design for the alien species.

Now CBS has released two new Star Trek: Discovery posters to tease their significant presence at this year's SDCC. The show will have a panel on July 22nd in Ballroom 20. Both posters have a distinctly retro feel, reminiscent of some of the early Star Trek movie posters. One features the titular ship Discovery racing through space and the other depicts a space-suit clad character, with the famous Starfleet logo looming large over them.

The posters solidify claims from the series' producers that Star Trek: Discovery will honor and pay homage to the franchise's famous past and will no doubt have hardcore Trekkies even more excited, both for the show itself and to see what details may be revealed at the forthcoming Comic Con panel. Both posters would also make excellent additions to any fan's merchandise and memorabilia collection.

With expectations for Star Trek always high, Discovery has a lot to live up to and reports regarding the change in Klingon design and the abandonment of the "Roddenberry's Box" rule (which prohibits certain levels of interpersonal conflict under the assumption that humankind would be more advanced and selfless in the 24th Century) may deter fans who are looking for an authentic Trek experience. It's also worth remembering that the last stab at a Star Trek TV series, Enterprise, was not a success.

However, the early signs are looking promising for Star Trek: Discovery. The images released so far have proven that the show will at least have an attractive visual style and the producers have confirmed that the series will feature a season-long - rather than episodic - story structure, bringing the show in line with modern science fiction. The cast is also undeniably strong and with Star Trek there is always a guaranteed core audience already in place.

Star Trek: Discovery premieres September 24th on CBS.

Source: CBS

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