Star Trek: Discovery – Bryan Fuller Teases Alien Makeup Tests

Throughout its 50 years, Star Trek has taken fans to countless new realms, flitted across several divergent timelines, and introduced us to countless new species both friendly and fierce. In the wake of Star Trek Beyond, CBS is set to launch a new show, Star Trek: Discovery. The latest iteration comes equipped with a new ship design (like it or not) and a fresh format, but it will be heading to a familiar timeline – and likely taking place between Enterprise and the Original Series.

Despite continuous teases and hints, Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller has remained fairly tight-lipped about the new series. He certainly isn’t averse to dropping a few hints from time to time, though.

The latest tease comes from Fuller’s Twitter account. Earlier this afternoon, the architect of Discovery dropped a makeup test from the new show. In the shot, we’re treated to an old wooden cabinet and industrial light. Far more exciting is what's in the forefront, a pair of what could be horns or antennae mounted to an orange piece of latex. Check out the latest Trek tease below:

#StarTrekDisco MAKEUP TEST #StarTrekDiscovery @startrekcbs @StarTrek

— Bryan Fuller (@BryanFuller) August 8, 2016

Star Trek has featured scores of alien races, among them several notables with prominent horns and/or antennae. From their upwards positioning, the protrusions certainly resemble the distinctive antennae of Federation-founding species, the Andorians (or their blind cousins, the Aenar). Of course, the coloration on the head (or chin?) piece is all wrong, as Andorians typically have icy blue skin. Since the first synopsis for Discovery claimed to “introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations,” the species depicted here may be an entirely new alien race within the Trek pantheon.

Fuller has teased that the ship is the key to the era. Its registry number (NCC-1031), which sequentially comes before the original Enterprise (NCC-1701), leads an active speculator to believe the show takes place before the original Star Trek. If the ship does take place in the formative years of the Federation, the alien depicted here may be one unique to the show. However, its absence from the extensive Federation database would prove curious (unless the rumors are true about a Section 31 involvement in the show).

The Andorians in Star Trek
Jeffrey Combs as the Andorian Shran on Enterprise.

No matter when and where the new series takes place, Trekkies and fresh faces to the series are looking forward to some exciting alien encounters, as well as a few familiar faces (it never hurts to drop a Klingon or a Romulan into the mix). Fuller claimed that Star Trek: Discovery will be a return to form, featuring exploration-heavy plots, interstellar adventures, and the discovery of new life and new civilizations – as opposed to the more action-heavy format of the rebooted films. Filled with Star Trek veterans like Nicholas Meyer, Alex Kurtzman, and Next Generation writer Joe Menosky, the new show offers some optimism for fans hoping the spirit of classic Star Trek will live on in the 13-episode, serialized run.

At the same time, the show has faced criticism due to unpolished ship design and its place in the Prime timeline. Many fans are tired of the retro-format used by prior show like Enterprise and the rebooted Star Trek films. Despite the ship-based timeline hint, no official word has come down on the exact setting of Discovery, though. Fuller has threatened a spoiler-heavy CBS panel at this year’s TCA summer press junket. Hopefully, he'll provide further details about the highly anticipated series come Wednesday.

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Star Trek: Discovery debuts on CBS in January 2017. It will stream exclusively through CBS All Access thereafter.

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