First Look At Star Trek: Discovery's New Aliens

The United Federation of Planets will receive a new member on this week's Star Trek: Discovery, "The Wolf Inside." New photos from the Mirror Universe-set episode reveal the usual Federation alliance members (Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites) seated at a table, albeit with one important difference: the pale Klingon Voq, who hasn't been seen since episode 4, seems to have replaced Humans on the alliance roster.

In the Star Trek: Discovery midseason premiere, it was revealed that thanks to the spore drive the Discovery crew had accidentally traveled to a parallel Mirror Universe. From the data core of a wrecked Klingon ship, they soon learned that this universe is ruled by the human Terran Empire, who are fighting against a rebel faction to stay in control. Of course, in this universe there is no Federation, but it's very telling that the same species are all still present in this new alliance, despite the fact Humans are only focused on terrorizing the stars.

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While in our universe, humanity's first contact with an alien species was met with peace, in the Mirror Universe pioneer Zefram Cochrane instead killed the first Vulcan to set foot on Earth and stole their technology. What followed was centuries of conflict. The Mirror Universe, as well as the United Federation of Planets, have been a part of Star Trek canon since The Original Series, and Star Trek: Discovery now continues the tradition. Now, EW has released a set of images from the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, "The Wolf Inside," check them out in the gallery below:

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“As the Discovery crew continues to try to navigate their way back home from the Mirror Universe, Tyler and Burnham find themselves on their most challenging mission yet — facing off with a rebel faction of Andorians, Tellurites, and a familiar ivory-skinned Klingon,” showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg tell EW. “Of course, we couldn’t travel all the way there and not feature at least one proper Mirror-Universe goatee. ‘The Wolf Inside’ is a nonstop ride that crescendos to a mind-bending confrontation that we hope will leave the audience cheering for more.” 

As stated, the new images reprise the Mirror Universe-goatee on Sarek, which was first seen on Sarek's son Spock in The Original Series. There are sure to be other easter eggs referencing past episodes for however long they're in the Mirror Universe or the series lasts.

This week's episode is also noteworthy for being our first look at Andorians and Tellarites since Star Trek: Enterprise. The founding members of the Federation don't seem to have changed much over the past decade. Both have gotten big budget, modern upgrades to their looks, but essentially the species are the same. Discovery has gotten a lot of criticism for their makeover of Klingons, so it's refreshing to see these other classic characters retain their iconic appearance.

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The latest Star Trek: Discovery episode, 'The Wolf Inside,' airs on January 14, 2018.

Source: EW

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