Star Trek Theory: Discovery's Albino Klingon Is From Deep Space Nine

L'Rell and Voq/Ash Tyler's baby on Star Trek: Discovery could grow up to be the Albino on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. If so, this would be another example of how CBS All-Access' prequel series is adding to the canon and revealing new context that further enriches Star Trek lore.

Star Trek: Discovery's controversial reimagining of the Klingons was met with fan ire, but that didn't stop the fearsome warrior race from becoming season 1's villains. The Klingon War with the Federation was instigated by T'Kuvma, a self-styled Messiah, who was supported by his Torchbearer Voq and L'Rell of House Mo'Kai. When Starfleet's Michael Burnham killed T'Kuvma during the Battle at the Binary Stars, the Klingons' unity fractured and both Voq and L'Rell fell out of favor as other Klingons sought the power to control the Empire.

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As an albino, which is considered a rare physical deformity, Voq was already an outcast among Klingons; he styled himself as "Voq, Son of None," indicating that he was loyal to no Great House. L'Rell and Voq became romantically involved, which only became further complicated when Voq underwent the cho'Ha, an extremely painful procedure to surgically transform himself into Starfleet Lieutenant Ash Tyler. Infiltrating the U.S.S. Discovery, Tyler then fell in love with Michael Burnham before his inner Klingon began to manifest. Meanwhile, L'Rell was captured and imprisoned aboard the Discovery until she was installed as the new Klingon High Chancellor by Starfleet; L'Rell ended the war and forged an armistice with the Federation, ruling the Empire with Ash Tyler as her Torchbearer - until it was revealed L'Rell and Voq had a secret child together.

How L'Rell And Voq Had A Baby

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 episode 3, "Point of Light," revealed that L'Rell became pregnant by Voq before his surgery to become human. The child, also an albino like Voq, was conceived ex-utero and cared for in secret by L'Rell's uncle; neither she nor Ash Tyler had even met their baby before "Point of Light." But the baby's existence was discovered by their rival, Kol-Sha, and used as a pawn to blackmail L'Rell into making him High Chancellor. With the help of Section 31's Philippa Georgiou, L'Rell and Ash killed Kol-Sha, but the public knowledge of their baby further complicated matters.

The solution was for L'Rell to publicly brand Tyler as a traitor and claim that he and their baby are dead, to further consolidate her control as High Chancellor. Meanwhile, Tyler joined Section 31 and hid their baby in the Klingon monastery on Boreth. Both parents believed this would keep their child - who would never know him - safe from their enemies. But it's possible L'Rell and Voq's child grows up to become the infamous Klingon known in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the Albino.

Could L'Rell and Ash Tyler's Baby Be The Albino From Deep Space Nine?

Star Trek: Discovery Klingons & Deep Space Nine Connection Revealed?

In the 24th century, the Albino was a mysterious criminal and the enemy of three of the most legendary Klingons: Kor, Kang, and Koloth (all of whom faced Captain Kirk in The Original Series). After escaping them all in 2290, the Albino swore to kill all of their firstborn sons, which he achieved by using a genetic virus. Kor, Koloth, and Kang formed a blood oath to kill the Albino, which they wouldn't achieve until 2370. In the Deep Space 9 season 2 episode "Blood Oath," the three Klingon legends, with help from Jadzia Dax, tracked down and killed the Albino, though Kang and Koloth died as well.

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What little is known about the Albino's history draws interesting connections to Voq/Ash Tyler. The Albino's use of a genetic virus to kill his enemies' sons is a very un-Klingon tactic that's akin to what an assassin skilled in espionage would do. Kang said "I don't know how" the Albino had eyes and ears everywhere, indicating he had his own intelligence network. The Albino also conducted a private war against the Klingon Empire for his own reasons. Was his hatred of Klingons tied to how he was rejected as an albino or was it also because his father Voq was hated for the same reasons?

If the theory holds and the Albino was the grown son of Voq, then it's possible, at some point, he learned who his parents were and that his father became an agent of Section 31; emulating Ash Tyler's career as a spy would explain his skills and tactics, and revenge for Ash Tyler/Voq could be a reason why he hated Klingons. Unfortunately, since 113 years separate the second seasons of both Deep Space 9 and Star Trek: Discovery, fans may never get a definitive answer - but how many albino Klingons could there be?

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