18That Time Molly Turned Feral ("Time's Orphan" S6, E24)

Miles O’Brien is one of the more beloved side-characters from The Next Generation era, but the same can’t be said about his wife and daughter, Keiko and Molly. While neither character is particularly offensive, they were often saddled with weird and boring plots that didn’t endear them to the audience.


the case of Molly, specifically, “Time’s Orphan” is one of those. After being sucked into a time portal, Molly emerges ten years older, and entirely feral. We could go on explaining, but we’ll get right to the point: who cares? This is one of those pointless, throwaway episodes that do nothing for anyone and have no real consequences. “Remember when Molly became a feral teen?” asked no one ever.

Vic Fontaine
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