15Deanna Nearly Had Three Breasts

Many of the characters went through changes in development before the producers settled on the Enterprise-D crew we know and love, but one idea for Deanna Troi would have given her character a striking physical change – after initial brainstorms, the writing team wanted her to have three breasts.


idea was shot down, however, by producer D. C. Fontana, who later recalled: "I objected to Troi having three breasts. I felt women have enough trouble with two. And how are you going to line them up? Vertically, horizontally, or what? I was like, please, don't go there. And they didn't, fortunately."

While the triple boobs would no doubt have pleased some of the show’s hornier young viewers, that was probably a good call from Fontana. Imagine the time it would have taken to give Marina Sirtis the breast prosthetics before every day's shoot! And besides, the Total Recall movie came out shortly after Next Generation began, with an extra-breasted woman of its own.

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