CBS Star Trek Revival Adds Next Generation Writer

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Star Trek is doing its best to update the franchise for the modern era. With Star Trek Beyond in theaters soon and a new series on the way, Paramount and CBS are certainly making an effort to keep the long-running series in the public eye. The CBS All Access show already has an all-star run of producers, including showrunner Bryan Fuller (American Gods), Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek), and Rod Roddenberry to fine-tune the show and keep it cruising at maximum warp. The upcoming Trek serial also added producer and scripter Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) to help the new series return to its glory days.

Meyer won’t be the only hat returning to the Star Trek franchise. The new series will also get some helpful input from a pair of genre veterans, one whom may be familiar to Trekkies.

Trek Movie reports (via CBR) that the currently untitled Trek series recently hired Star Trek: The Next Generation scripter extraordinaire Joe Menosky. In addition to Menosky, the new franchise also put writer Aron Coleite on staff – whose genre credits include NBC’s Heroes and Ultimate X-Men. As a staff writer for the (relatively) stationary Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – as well as the series which successfully re-televised the franchise, The Next Generation – Menosky certainly knows his Trek.

In preparation for it's christening early next year, Fuller already brought some top notch talent on board before shooting begins this fall. In addition to Meyer and Kurtzman’s savvy with a script (and camera), Fuller recently recruited Star Trek: Voyager novelist Kirsten Beyer to write for the show. Menosky is of particular interest, due to his Trek pedigree. The long time scribe wrote the teleplays for classic episodes like “Darmok” and the two-part Mark Twain classic “Time’s Arrow,” among others.

CBS Star Trek Revival Adds Next Generation Writer
Samuel Clemens and The Next Generation Crew in "Time's Arrow"

A new ship (or show) needs some excellent engineers (or production staff and writers). When Gene Roddenberry readied the highly controversial and risky (at the time) Next Gen reboot, he brought on a number of classic Star Trek writers like D.C. Fontana and David Gerrold. Assuming last month’s teaser is accurate, the new show will feature “New Crews. New Villains. New Heroes. New Worlds.” In order to revive and deconstruct Trek, Fuller is wise to attach as many genre vets as possible.

The next serial incarnation of Star Trek will have to connect with fans and attract new viewers. As a Trek trouper himself (he wrote for DS9 and Voyager), Fuller understands the pressure to himself and the franchise of building a successful adaption. Attracting new talent is important to freshen up the show, but rebuilding the series for the next generation requires writers and producers who understand Star Trek’s tropes inside and out.

It will be interesting to find out what Fuller and crew come up with next year.

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Star Trek debuts on CBS in January 2017. It will stream exclusively through CBS All Access thereafter.

Source: Trek Movie, CBR

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