Star Trek Bootleg Trailer

[UPDATE: The official Star Trek trailer is now online.]

The Star Trek bootleg trailer that is up on YouTube will not be shown here at Screen Rant for two reasons:

1. I don't support people filming what's on the screen in movie theaters.

2. Why would you want to see a crappy version of the trailer ahead of a sharp, hi-res version?

Regarding number one, I find it quite ironic that one of the movie websites out there that considers itself to be quite important, and looks down it's nose at movie blog sites, would host an illegal copy of a trailer, while I will not.

And as to number two, you can only see a movie or trailer for the first time once, so why have the first time be less than a great experience? That's equivalent to meeting a gorgeous girl your friend told you about for the first time right after she woke up with bed hair and unbrushed teeth, instead of waiting to meet her later in the day when she's done up and dressed nicely. :-)

As soon as an official version of the trailer is available, I'll post it up for you guys.

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