Star Trek Beyond Trailer #2: Enterprise Under Fire

Star Trek Beyond trailer and poster

Star Trek Beyond will make its way into theaters this summer, just in time to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series that debuted back in 1966. It's fitting, then, that much of the conversation around the film of late has focused on how it aspires to recapture the spirit of the '60s Star Trek TV show, at the same time that it re-examines and deconstructs the foundational concepts of the Star Trek franchise's mythology - in order to illustrate or (depending on how you look at it) prove that this sci-fi property continues to be relevant even after all these years.

Hence, it's appropriate then that Star Trek Beyond picks up with the crew of the USS Enterprise - from the alternate timeline that was introduced during Star Trek (2009) and then further explored in Star Trek Into Darkness - part-way into their famous five-year mission to discover news worlds and explore the galaxy, when they encounter an enemy in the form of Krall (Idris Elba): an alien who stands against the United Federation of Planets and what it represents. It's thus up to Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and his crew to prove that the ideals which they and the Federation (and, in a meta-sense, the Star Trek franchise) embody are - literally - worth fighting for.

Paramount Pictures has now released a second full-length trailer for Star Trek Beyond, providing a better look at the film that director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 3-6) as well as screenwriters Simon Pegg (who also plays Scotty in the Star Trek films) and relative newcomer Doug Jung have put together to celebrate Star Trek's 50th birthday. The preview debuted as part of a special Star Trek Fan Event that was held on the Paramount Studios lot in Los Angeles and can now be watched online, too (see above). A new poster for the film has been unveiled, too:

Star Trek Beyond (2016) Poster

Those responsible for assembling the second Star Trek Beyond trailer seem to have taken the criticisms levied against the film's first trailer - including some that were even made by Lin and Pegg - to heart. This new theatrical preview is far more character-driven (see: Kirk struggling to step out from the shadow of his father's legacy) and atmospheric (see the multiple shots of spaceships, planets, and characters both new and returning), in addition to being filled with classic Star Trek-ian philosophical dialogue compared to the more action-packed and spectacle-heavy teaser trailer that was released for the movie. Whereas the previous two installments in the rebooted Star Trek film series were perhaps more flashy sci-fi action movies that featured Star Trek characters (in ways good and bad), past comments by costar John Cho - who once again plays Sulu here - that Beyond feels "very much like the best of the original series" in a way that its predecessors did not are better supported by this film's new trailer.

Also returning in front of the camera (along with Pine, Pegg, and Cho) on Star Trek Beyond are Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Karl Urban (Bones), and Anton Yelchin (Chekov). Meanwhile, the cast newcomers here (in addition to Elba) include Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service) as the alien Jaylah and Shohreh Aghdashloo (24, Grimm) as the High Command of the Federation.

Here's to hoping Star Trek Beyond celebrates the Star Trek franchise's 50th birthday with style, before the property returns to the small screen early next year.

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Star Trek Beyond opens in U.S. theaters on July 22nd, 2016.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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