Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2 to Debut at Fan Event in May?

Star Trek Beyond

For anyone who’s been paying attention to recent developments, the opening of Paramount’s CinemaCon this past Monday in Las Vegas has already brought forth its share of buzz. With numerous upcoming films such as Ben-Hur, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Baywatch and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back being highlighted, now is the time for Paramount to let the public see what it’s got planned for the future.

Unfortunately, amongst all this, one of Paramount’s biggest tent-pole franchises – Star Trek Beyond -- will be holding off on offering the public a new look. Despite producer J.J. Abrams' claim that "Star Trek Beyond is looking, I’m a little envious to say, like the best Star Trek yet," director Justin Lin did not offer so much as a repeat viewing of the current Star Trek Beyond trailer in Las Vegas.

Instead, Collider is reporting that the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond will premiere at a fan event in Los Angeles this coming May. Paramount has apparently been saving their marketing push for this event, which though confirmed, has yet to announce which cast and crew members will be attending or how fans can go about getting tickets.

Star Trek Beyond Cast

The decision to hold off on premiering a new trailer at CinemaCon likely has everything to do with 2016 being Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. Setting up a fan event specifically to showcase the latest look at Star Trek Beyond is a suitable method for Paramount to give back to those who’ve been the most loyal to the franchise over the years. It’s also an excellent method for Paramount to gauge what sort of reaction the film is going to get when it hits theaters this summer. With the production of Star Trek Beyond having been somewhat bumpy – from script rewrites to recent reshoots and a less than stellar reception last December from die-hard fans to the first official trailer, an event designed to provide a Star Trek-centric environment is a great way to put fans first.

Of course, Paramount’s goal with this latest instalment in the rebooted franchise has been to craft a Star Trek film that is "more inclusive." Having dropped the film’s original Robert Orci script, the film’s first trailer showed fans a Star Trek that felt more Fast and the Furious than Star Trek. Yet for all the questions regarding Star Trek Beyond, there’s still every reason to believe that J.J. Abrams’ praise of the film is real and that despite the bumpy road it has travelled to get here, May’s L.A. fan event could still provide something truly spellbinding for an ever eager Star Trek audience.

Star Trek Beyond will open in theaters July 22, 2016.

Source: Collider

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