New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Arriving Tomorrow

Star Trek Beyond (2016) movie preview

Yesterday, fans of Star Trek got their first taste of the new television program that will air on CBS in 2017, but before the franchise makes its return to the small screen, it will celebrate its 50th anniversary on the big screen with this summer's Star Trek Beyond. The third installment in the rebooted film series that started in 2009, Beyond sees Fast & Furious helmsman Justin Lin step in for the departed J.J. Abrams, directing a script by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. The primary Enterprise crew members are all returning (including Pegg as Scotty), joined by Idris Elba as the villain Krall and Sofia Boutella as an alien named Jaylah.

In late 2015, Paramount kicked off their Beyond marketing efforts with a teaser trailer that didn't exactly go over well with viewers. Set to the classic Beastie Boys song "Sabotage," the preview put the spotlight on fast-paced action and seemed to strip Star Trek of what makes it unique. Both Lin and Pegg have addressed the concerns about the trailer, saying that the final film has far more substance than is being hinted at. Moviegoers have been waiting for a second trailer ever since, and now it's been revealed when fans will get their next look at Beyond.

Last month, it was reported that Paramount would unveil a new preview during a Star Trek fan event. Pegg has confirmed that's indeed the case, taking to Twitter to share the news with an amusing picture of Scotty's cute sidekick, Keenser:

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