Star Trek Beyond Soundtrack List & Cover Art Revealed

Star Trek Beyond trailer and poster

In just under a month (as of this writing), Paramount will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek by releasing Star Trek Beyond in theaters. The studio has been pushing the project hard the past few weeks, unveiling character posters for all the principal players and a couple of Empire magazine covers. In addition, they're hosting the world premiere in a special event at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, giving fans a chance to win tickets to the screening.

No modern day blockbuster would be complete without a rousing musical score, and Paramount continues their Beyond marketing efforts by revealing new details about the soundtrack - composed by Michael Giacchino. The album's official track list and cover art have now been shared with the general public.

The soundtrack is currently available for preorder on Amazon, and will become available on July 29 (one week after the film debuts). You can check out the cover and song names below:

1. Logo And Prosper (1:47)

2. Thank Your Lucky Star Date (2:15)

3. Night On The Yorktown (5:36)

4. The Dance Of The Nebula (2:22)

5. A Swarm Reception (2:30)

6. Hitting The Saucer A Little Hard (6:10)

7. Jaylah Damage (2:50)

8. In Artifacts As In Life (1:51)

9. Franklin, My Dear (2:50)

10. A Lesson In Vulcan Mineralogy (5:17)

11. MotorCycles Of Relief (3:17)

12. Mocking Jaylah (3:26)

13. Crash Decisions (3:16)

14. Krall-y Krall-y Oxen Free (4:23)

15. Shutdown Happens (4:35)

16. Cater-Krall In Zero G (2:17)

17. Par-tay For The Course (2:46)

18. Star Trek Main Theme (3:45)

Star Trek Beyond soundtrack cover

Whenever tie-in materials for tentpole movies come out this early, the concern is that they will spoil crucial plot elements for the audience. This is why Lucasfilm held off on releasing the novelization and soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens for as long as possible. Fortunately, the track titles for the Beyond are fairly vague and don't appear to include any spoilers. Those who have seen the trailers may have some idea where certain cues probably fit (i.e. "A Swarm Reception" could be when the Enterprise is attacked), but the secrets of the narrative have been preserved. With mystery box master J.J. Abrams serving as a producer, that shouldn't come as any surprise.

The music for Star Trek Beyond will apparently go (ahem) beyond Giacchino's latest score. Pop star Rihanna has a new single called "Sledgehammer," which will be a part of the film as well. CBM got a hold of the cover art for that, which you can see below:

Star Trek Beyond Rihanna Sledgehammer

It will be interesting to see how longtime Trekkies react to this development, considering the vitriol the Beastie Boys fueled teaser trailer received late last year. However, it should be noted that this isn't exactly new ground for the rebooted Trek films. For Star Trek Into Darkness, Bo Bruce and Gary Lightbody collaborated on "The Rage That's In Us All"; and Robert Conley wrote a tune named "The Dark Collide" with Penelope Austin. Most likely, this new Rihanna song is something that will play during the end credits and be heard minimally (if at all) during the film proper. There's always a chance some non-classical music pops up for a scene or two (Kirk does love the Beastie Boys), but Giaccchino will be the primary focus.

Giacchino has made a name for himself as one of this generation's premiere score composers, best known for his work on several Pixar films (winning an Oscar for Up) and nearly every Abrams movie (including his two Star Trek movies). As such, many are excited to hear what he comes up with for this third installment. His history with the series should be a benefit, since he's been writing music for these characters for years. Odds are, Giacchino's Beyond soundtrack will be another memorable entry on his résumé.

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Star Trek Beyond hits U.S. theaters July 22, 2016.

Source: Amazon, CBM

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