'Star Trek Beyond' Set Video Highlights Sofia Boutella's Alien Character

Though this is the year that ushers Star Wars back into theaters, Hollywood's other major science-fiction, space-based series with "star" in the title - Star Trek - has been enjoying a successful resurgence since J.J. Abrams rebooted the franchise in 2009. Abrams followed that reboot with a second entry, Star Trek Into Darkness, which wasn't as universally praised as its predecessor but was by no means a flop nor a franchise killer.

Since then, Abrams left Star Trek for Star Wars and Fast & Furious 6's Justin Lin has taken over directorial duties. Working off a script from Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, the series' third installment (or 13 if you're really nitpicky), Star Trek Beyond is currently filming in Vancouver. And in a new set video (via Screen Crush) you can watch a little of Chris Pine's Captain Kirk, Anton Yelchin's Chekov, Pegg's Scotty and a brand new character played by Kingsman's Sofia Boutella interacting on set. Check it out above.

Initially, there was some concern over Abrams' departure and when screenwriter Robert Orci (who was also at one point set to direct) soon followed it looked like Star Trek 3 might be in trouble. Yet very quickly Paramount signed Lin and handed the script over to Pegg and Jung, indicating they were confident the team would be able to help Star Trek recover. For his part, Pegg has promised Star Trek Beyond will return to the themes of optimism and exploration that were so prevalent in Gene Roddenberry's original version, but that he'd also been asked to keep the story from being "too Star Trek-y", allowing for a broader appeal.

Just how Pegg and Jung have managed that delicate balance remains to be seen, but in addition to adjusting the film's tone Pegg also promised to include more female characters (something that was an apt criticism of Abram's two films). One of those new mystery roles will be played by the recently cast Lydia Wilson, but another is Boutella's alien character from the above set video. The character isn't immediately recognizable as any particular Star Trek alien but she's been previously described as a lead role. And judging by her interactions with Kirk, Chekov, and Scotty (on what is presumably her ship) that sure seems to be the case.

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In addition to the video, Screen Crush also gathered a whole gallery of photos from the recent filming where you can get a better look at Boutella's character

The utilitarian look of the outfit Boutella's character is wearing gives the impression her character is an explorer, an adventurer, if not also a warrior, which fits well within the promise of Star Trek Beyond's return to frontierism. Kirk and Chekov's uniforms, too, seem to be made for more extreme activities than hanging around the bridge of the Enterprise. Scotty's outfit, however, appears to be a newly designed but still rather formal looking uniform, so perhaps he ended up on this away mission by mistake? Definitely wouldn't be the first time he was unwittingly pulled into one of Kirk's wild schemes.

What do you make of the look of Sofia Boutella's alien character? How do you expect she'll meet up with the Enterprise crew in Star Trek Beyond? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Star Trek Beyond will be in theaters July 8, 2016.

Source: Screen Crush

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