Star Trek Beyond Marketing Spoils Plot Twist

Idris Elba as Krall in Star Trek Beyond poster

Ideally, trailers and TV spots should give viewers enough of an idea about a movie to want to see it while still leaving plenty of surprises for the theater. In recent years, though, moviegoers have complained that overzealous marketing departments keep sticking more and more footage from late in the film into the trailers of blockbusters. In some cases, there are even scenes that give away major plot points or surprises from the end of the film.

It seems that Star Trek Beyond is the latest movie to fall victim to this phenomenon. A recent TV spot not only featured late-film footage, but actually revolved around what's since been described as one of the big twists in the climax of the film. Needless to say, some fans are not pleased.

According to io9, the spot in question reveals a major twist that hadn't really been hinted at elsewhere in the film. Without having seen the film, of course, the average moviegoer wouldn't necessarily know that this was a surprise. The footage, which provided details about Idris Elba's villain Krall, apparently came late in the movie and was supposed to reveal the nature of his hatred of the Federation; with it being in a TV spot, though, many fans will know the big twist before they even make it into the theater.

Star Trek Beyond - Uhura (Zoe Saldana) and Krall (Idris Elba)

Screenwriter and actor Simon Pegg took to Twitter after the spot was released, posting that fans who are planning to see the film might want to avoid all of the Star Trek Beyond marketing materials from now on to keep from being spoiled.

If you are planning to go see Star Trek Beyond, Simon suggests you avoid all TV Spots and trailers from this point forward.

— Pegg News (@simonpegg) July 17, 2016

This isn't the first time that he's been critical of the film's marketing, though past complaints have largely revolved around trailers making the film seem more action-packed than it actually is. It may seem strange to see someone with such a vested interest in the film recommending that people avoid its marketing, but that just adds to the severity of this spoiler.

Certainly, for those that haven't seen the film (which, at this point, mainly includes a handful of members of the press), the spot made it seem like it might be a mid-film reveal - after the crew's first encounter with Krall but before the movie's climax. This may have been wishful thinking, of course, since even with late-film footage becoming increasingly common in trailers it's still pretty rare for a major twist to be so explicitly revealed (looking at you, Batman V Superman).

Obviously, any after-the-fact warnings and apologies aren't going to do much to soothe fans who are upset that the footage spoiled the twist. With any luck, Paramount's marketing department will learn something from this and be more careful about what it reveals about its films in the future. Until then, the best that fans can do is try to be careful about what footage they watch from the movies that they want to remain unspoiled until release.

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Star Trek Beyond opens in U.S. theaters July 22nd, 2016. Star Trek 4 has been announced, and Screen Rant will keep you updated on all information related to the film as it becomes available.

Source: io9

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