Star Trek Beyond High-Res Images and Behind the Scenes Photos

As any loyal Star Trek fan is well aware, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the franchise. Arriving just in time to commemorate that milestone will be a brand new Star Trek TV series on CBS’ streaming service All-Access, as well as the next installment in the re-imagined franchise, Star Trek Beyond.

While the initial Star Trek Beyond trailer arrived back in December, the film it presented was one that few fans could have expected, to say the least. Since that time however, a new trailer premiered at a special fan event held on the Paramount lot and opinions of what exactly Star Trek Beyond could be like generally seem to have shifted into a more positive light.

Yet like any pending installment in a beloved franchise, there’s always the desire to see and learn more about what’s next. Now thanks to CBR, a whole slew of images from the upcoming Star Trek Beyond are currently available, as well as some behind the scenes snaps thrown in for good measure.

Amongst the various different photos are several of alien Jaylah, played by franchise newcomer Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service and the currently in-production Mummy), as well as one particularly menacing shot of Idris Elba’s Krall hoisting Karl Urban’s Dr. Leonard McCoy into the air by the throat. Because of the lighting, the sole photo of Krall is the least detailed one of the bunch, obscuring the more subtle aspects of the USS Enterprise’s latest foe. None the less, the sight of even this tiny display of Krall’s might brings forth numerable questions regarding the challenge the Enterprise’s crew will face this time around. There are also several behind the scenes images, which show director Justin Lin getting both intensity and laughs out of his actors while on set.

Judging by these images, as well as the most recent trailer, Star Trek Beyond does seem to have more depth to its structure than the first trailer originally offered. There’s a genuine feel of action and even in some respects, suspense that makes this third installment something altogether different than what’s come before. Hopefully Justin Lin’s penchant for edge-of-the-seat thrills is able to make the transition from his work on Fast and the Furious into the somewhat more delicate world of Star Trek.

After 50 years of space exploration, Star Trek is entering a brand new era. Justin Lin’s take on the franchise might have originally concerned fans, but as Star Trek Beyond’s release grows nearer, the issues during the film’s production seems increasingly less important. This time around, new fans as well as the hard-core base of Trekkies could all potentially be treated to the time of their lives courtesy of the U.S.S. Enterprise and its crew.

Star Trek Beyond arrives in theaters July 22, 2016

Source: CBR

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