Paramount Announces Star Trek Beyond Fan Event

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There’s no doubt that Star Trek fans are amongst the most dedicated and loyal a franchise could hope to have. A full 50 years on from the debut of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s journey to boldly go where no man has gone before still finds fans as eager as ever to immerse themselves in the rich sci-fi adventures of Star Trek.

Of course, there have been changes over the years – ups and downs that have come along with no small amount of controversy amongst the die-hards - yet for the most part, fans have been willing to give new additions to the franchise the benefit of the doubt. And that includes the effort to cast a wider net with Justin Lin’s upcoming  Star Trek Beyond.

As recently reported, Lin did not showcase a new Star Trek Beyond trailer at Paramount’s CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Instead, the studio promised a special event would be held in which fans could be the first to see the new trailer themselves. The specifics of this event were uncertain until now, as Paramount has issued a press release that reveals the event will be held May 20, 2016 and will take place in Los Angeles on Paramount’s studio lot.

"The one-time only special event, taking place at the historic Paramount Pictures studio lot, will include the premiere of the newest “Star Trek Beyond” trailer, an exclusive first-look of never before seen footage from the upcoming film, a Q&A with Lin and the cast and crew, special guests appearances, and other surprises. The Q&A will be streamed via Facebook Live."

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As previously suspected, the event is being held in conjunction with the celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary and director Justin Lin is expected to announce how fans can win tickets in the coming days. It’s a great gesture on the part of Paramount and Lin was also quick to emphasize his own love for Star Trek, as well as the importance of doing something to both give back to the fans and join them in celebrating this milestone. Lin had this to say on the matter:

"As a lifelong fan of Trek, we wanted to do something special for the fans and we couldn't think of a better way to do that than creating an event dedicated to them in the year that we also come together to celebrate the series’ amazing 50th year.”

The event is another example of fan engagement that studios have increasingly been putting their biggest releases in the middle of, as a way of encouraging feedback and stoking the flames of already passionate audiences. Paramount's Star Trek event has the added advantage of taking place during a milestone year for the franchise and the visibility of this level of fan outreach could do wonders for the film's profile in a way the simple release of a second trailer could not.

The event will also provide Lin the opportunity to showcase what both he and Simon Pegg insist lies at the heart of the film – a Star Trek adventure that remains true to the spirit of the original series and has much to offer both die-hard fans as well as newcomers to the franchise.

Star Trek Beyond will open in theaters July 22, 2016.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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