Star Trek Beyond Deleted Scene Features A Lonely Kirk

Kirk on the bridge

Star Trek Beyond may not have been able to reach the box office heights of its predecessors, but it was one of the better received films of the summer (read our review). Many who saw it felt it was a fun, entertaining tentpole that did a good job of blending the modern sensibilities of the Kelvin Timeline with the classic Star Trek tone. Fortunately for those who enjoyed the movie, they'll soon be able to bring it home and rock out to "Sabotage" in their living rooms.

Paramount will release Beyond on digital October 4, followed by the physical Blu-ray November 1. The studio is now in the process of promoting Beyond's home media formats, posting a deleted scene (likely one of many special features) for fans to see online (an exclusive to USA Today). You can watch the short clip below.

The scene is set shortly after the U.S.S. Enterprise docks in Starbase Yorktown, the Federation's state-of-the-art space station that's also a crucial element of the plot. In it, Captain Kirk is looking forward to having some time away from outer space, as he has become disillusioned due to his long stay in the final frontier (hinted at in his monologue from the start of the film). Kirk asks Scotty if he'd like to get a drink, but the chief engineer will be spending time with a woman instead. Scotty leaves Kirk alone, and the captain is then sneezed on by Scotty's companion Keenser.

While the gag at the end is mildly amusing, it's easy to see why director Justin Lin cut this scene during post production. It doesn't do much in the way of advancing the plot. The primary purpose seems to be Kirk feeling isolated in his role with the Federation, but the aforementioned opening moments did a strong job of establishing that state of mind, planting the seeds for Kirk's character arc in the movie. This deleted scene is mostly a fun, inconsequential bit and doesn't drastically alter anything from the theatrical edition of Beyond. It will be interesting to see what else is on the Blu-ray, since sometimes cut sequences had the potential to improve the film.

As stated above, Star Trek Beyond had an uphill climb commercially, grossing just $333.2 million on a $185 million budget (as of this writing). The hope is that with the film coming to home media soon, more people will catch it. Digital and Blu-ray sales can add a healthy amount of money to the movie's total revenue, which would be great for Paramount since they're in the early stages of planning a fourth installmentBeyond may not have been able to celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary the way Skyfall did for James Bond, but it's now getting a second lease on life to bounce back.

Star Trek Beyond will be available on digital HD on October 4, 2016. The Blu-ray hits store shelves November 1, 2016.

Source: USA Today

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