New Star Trek Beyond Clip Features Bones & Spock In Trouble

Star Trek Beyond Karl Urban Bones Zachary Quinto Spock

The third Kelvin Timeline feature, Star Trek Beyond, may have gotten off to a rocky start in the public eye, especially after the divisive first trailer. However, coupled with a few more representative trailers and positive early reviews, things are looking up for the latest Trek feature. With only a couple of days until it launches, during the franchise's golden anniversary, Paramount is doing their best to remind devoted fans that, yes, Beyond is going for an old-school feel.

The latest clip from the studio, released through YouTube, gives fans a taste of some throwback Trek at its best.

Entitled “Well That’s Just Typical,” the latest Star Trek Beyond clip (above) teases some rebooted Bones-Spock banter, and an exciting little teaser. The Vulcan limps along with the good Doctor McCoy’s aid, all the while insisting the Doctor help others rather than himself. When Spock grows as wistful as his species usually allows, Bones shuts him down. As the pair face poor odds, with an imminent enemy assault, Spock is beamed away, leaving McCoy to quip his "typical" line.

Star Trek Beyond Karl Urban Bones Zachary Quinto Spock

The recent clip is definitely meant to appeal to fans of the classic lineup, where a Doctor McCoy and Spock existed in a quarrelsome binary world, with James T. Kirk and a begrudging respect for one-another keeping the peace between them. As the first actors to portray the pair since their originators, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban definitely studied their progenitors' mannerisms and have a great handle on the Bones-Spock dynamic. Beyond's director and writer have both promised a return to classic Trek standards (to a degree), along with a character-driven plot.

One of the earliest criticisms leveled against the film (especially after the first teaser) was its move away from the conventions of the show, something which Simon Pegg and director Justin Lin both felt misrepresented the film’s commitment to its roots. Since the release of subsequent trailers and TV spots, the film has recouped some of its lost ground – at least as far as some fans of more cerebral Star Trek fare are concerned. With a projected opening weekend set for around $60 million, Paramount is clearly hoping Beyond will build bridges between fans of the Prime and Kelvin timelines.

The studio will need to excite old school Trekkies and general moviegoers alike to meet the hefty premiere numbers as well. A big opening weekend will give Star Trek Beyond some serious Trek cred, as well as leading the way for the next round, something Paramount needs with a fourth film brewing and a sequel comic on the way. Only time and box office returns will tell how much more of this five-year journey fans of the franchise and audiences will see.

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Star Trek Beyond opens in U.S. theaters July 22nd, 2016. Star Trek 4 has been announced, and Screen Rant will keep you updated on all information related to the film as it becomes available.

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