'Star Trek Beyond' Cast Adds 'Ripper Street' Star Lydia Wilson

Star Trek Beyond begins filming

We’re still ten months away from the scheduled July 2016 release of Star Trek Beyond, and news surrounding the film continues to trickle in. On top of the rampant speculation regarding the movie title (which was confirmed by director Justin Lin), there the mystery surrounding Idris Elba's role, though it's confirmed that he will serve as the primary antagonist for Kirk and his crew this time around.

While questions regarding Elba's role continue to swirl - leading fans to wonder all the more about the film's plot - there's no stopping the Star Trek news machine from pumping out one intriguing tidbit after another. And now, hot on the tail the Elba revelation comes news of yet another mysterious casting.

Variety, reports that Lydia Wilson of Black Mirror and Ripper Street fame has been confirmed as the latest addition to the Star Trek Beyond cast, joining Elba and series stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin for the third outing in this rebooted franchise. While producers are keeping the lid firmly on top of what role Wilson will be playing, there’s plenty of room for speculation.

It's been reported that Simon Pegg - serving double duty this outing as co-writer, along with Doug Jung, in addition to his role as Scotty - has included three new female roles in Star Trek Beyond. While nothing has been confirmed, rumors have suggested that we can expect to see another young captain as a rival to Pine’s Captain Kirk, the president of the Federation, and even Bones’ (Urban) ex-wife. Any of these roles seem likely for Wilson who comes to the project with a strong background in both stage and television.

Lydia Wilson in Ripper Street
Lydia Wilson as Mimi Morton in 'Ripper Street'

Of course, Paramount has never exactly been shy about giving Trekkies a healthy portion of red herrings to go with their Trek news. We all remember how adamantly it was insisted that Benedict Cumberbatch was definitely not playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, so it’s possible that Wilson could be taking on an entirely different role than the ones listed above. Added to this mystery is the questions surrounding Elba’s role; despite rumors that Elba would be playing a Klingon, Pegg has said in the past that Elba will be playing a previously-unestablished antagonist in the film.

With so little yet confirmed regarding the details of Star Trek Beyond, it’s tough to know just what Lin, Pegg, and Paramount have in store for us. What we do know is that this adventure takes us into the famous five-year mission upon which the entire Trek empire is built. This is a bit of welcome news for fans, some of whom may have cooled to the rebooted series after Star Trek Into Darkness. On the plus side, Pegg is a confirmed Star Trek fanatic, so it stands to reason that he’ll treat this project with the respect it rightfully deserves.

Star Trek Beyond is slated to open in U.S. theaters on July 8th, 2016.

Source: Variety

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