SR Pick [Video]: Star Trek Crew as The A-Team Pt.2

Almost two months ago (waaaay back in 2009), Screen Rant Editor Kofi Outlaw found a great fan made trailer mash-up on YouTube which took scenes from J.J. Abrahams’ latest Star Trek and set them to the TV theme from The A-Team. It was a great idea but the source material the creator had to choose from was limited to just over 2 hours. He did a great job with what was available to him but wouldn’t it have been better if someone would have taken the same idea but used footage from Star Trek: The Original Series?

Well, YouTube user huckbone, has done just that (with great technical expertise I might add) by grabbing some classic footage of all of your favorite sci-fi stars and turning them into some of our favorite 80’s action TV stars. James T. Kirk plays the intrepid and wise leader John “Hannibal” Smith, while his best friend in the whole Vulcan universe, Mr. Spock, portrays slick ladies man Templeton “Faceman” Peck.  Rounding out the team are pilot H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock played fantastically by real life spaceship pilot Hikaru Sulu and the quick tempered Scottish engineer Montgomery Scott as the muscles of the group, B.A. Baracus.

I’ve watched the video below several times and I’ve made a few observations:

  1. I’d forgotten how much I actually enjoyed Star Trek:TOS
  2. The “Trouble with Tribbles” episode remains one of my favorite
  3. The part of the theme where the over-driven guitar riff starts may be the funniest moment in the video (00:51)
  4. Sulu was really an understated comedic relief in the show, and Abrahams did a good job of bringing that to his reboot
  5. Spock dressed as a gangster should be used in Star Trek 2
  6. Scotty really DOES have a drinking problem

That’s all I could think of but why don’t you watch the video and then let us know what other thoughts come to your mind? Enjoy:


Good job huckbone! I had a great time watching this and if you haven’t had a chance to watch the newest “official” trailer for the upcoming release of The A-Team movie, then head over HERE now and watch that too.  I hope both movies – The A-Team and Star Trek 2 (which recently got a release date) – turn out to be fun and enjoyable. I’d cross my fingers but I’m not superstitious *rubs rabbit foot and steps over crack*.

What did you think about this trail mash-up for The A-Team and Star Trek?

Until next time keep your phasers on stun!

Source: huckbone on YouTube

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