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CBS Television Studios has reportedly worked out a deal to bring a new Star Trek animated kids show to Nickelodeon. The small screen Trek universe has seen a serious revival in recent years, starting with the arrival of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access. Discovery is currently in the middle of its second season on the streaming service, and it's proven to be an eventful season indeed, highlighted by the return of Spock.

Additionally, CBS is expanding the brand by bringing back beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation character Jean-Luc Picard for a new series, with Patrick Stewart reprising the role of the famed Starfleet captain (who in the new series will no longer be a Starfleet captain). CBS will also produce a Discovery spinoff revolving around Michelle Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou. Further plans have CBS creating a new adult-skewing animated comedy called Star Trek: Lower Decks from Rick & Morty writer Mike McMahan.

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Now, CBS is expanding the Trek franchise beyond the boundaries of CBS All Access. As reported by Variety, Nickelodeon is set to head for the final frontier with an animated Trek kids show after striking a deal with CBS Television Studios. The new show is being developed by Kevin and Dan Hageman, the writing team known for the animated series Trollhunters as well as the movies Hotel Transylvania and The LEGO Movie. Story details on the new show are being kept under wraps at this time.

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This will actually not be the first time in its history that Nickelodeon has featured Star Trek related programming. From 1985-1990, the cable network ran reruns of Star Trek: The Animated Series, the Filmation-produced animated version of Trek that originally ran from 1973 to 1974, featuring the voice talents of most of the Star Trek: TOS cast. The new kid-friendly Trek animated series is reportedly being eyed as a tent-pole for Nickelodeon as newly arrived president Brian Robbins attempts to reverse a trend of declining ratings for the network.

For Star Trek, the deal with Nickelodeon represents a new avenue through which to connect with younger viewers. Indeed, Trek universe overseer Alex Kurtzman has made it plain that appealing to a more youthful demographic is one of his top priorities as he develops more Trek-related content. With two new animated series and two live-action series in the pipeline, as well as the ongoing adventures of Star Trek: Discovery, there will soon be more than enough different varieties of Star Trek programming to satisfy fans of all ages and knowledge levels.


Source: Variety

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