• Producer Alex Kurtzman has pitched his Star Trek franchise plan to CBS... 1 / 8

    star trek discovery TLDR vertical
  • ...and it will be for the next five or 10 years. 2 / 8

    Star Trek Voyager Cast vertical
  • He didn't reveal specifics about his blueprint, but he's looking to expand the franchise in different ways since he said it's "under-utlized." 3 / 8

    Sonequa Martin Green as Michael Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery
  • While the fan-base is steadily growing, he believes that there's still room for improvement. 4 / 8

    Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou on Star Trek: Discovery
  • Drawing comparison with Star Wars, Kurtzman wants to entice a younger audience for Star Trek... 5 / 8

    Luke Skywalker on Tatooine in Star Wars
  • ...which lines up with plans of releasing animated shows from the lore. 6 / 8

  • As for long-time fans, they're offering something familiar with Star Trek: Picard. 7 / 8

    Patrick Stewart as Picard on Star Trek TNG
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