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Tony Todd - Star Trek

Tony Todd is a horror movie veteran, particularly loved by fans as the title character in Candyman and Ben in Night of the Living Dead. But he's also a big man in the Star Trek world, having played three different characters in three different series.

He's best known as Kurn,

who was on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. Kurn is Worf's brother, the other son of Mogh, and uncle to Alexander. He also played a grown-up Jake Sisko in the moving DS9 episode "The Visitor," where we visit an alternate timeline in which Benjamin Sisko died young and Jake, now a writer, has never come to terms with it. And finally, in the Voyager episode "Prey," he played a wounded Hirogen determined to track and kill a member of Species 8472 that was loose on the ship. Todd had already dealt with intense make-up as Kurn, but being a Hirogen meant over four hours of prep for both make-up and costume, and the need to know about any bathroom urges a minimum of 20 minutes in advance.

He's still active on the Star Trek convention circuit, and gave an interview in February saying he's on a possible casting list for Star Trek: Discovery.

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