Star Trek Celebrates Its Worst 10 Episodes

Star Trek Celebrates Its Worst 10 Episodes

Star Trek continues to celebrate 50 years of boldly going where no one has gone before. With Star Trek Beyond in theaters and an exciting Comic-Con full of revelations, the revelry moves to Las Vegas for its official semicentennial gala at the Rio Suites Hotel. The anniversary included panels chocked full of former Trek crew members from each of its popular TV series, celebrating the classic episodes, exploring the on-set adventures, and commiserating about the rigors of being Trek alums.

Of course, half a century is a long time to crank out films and television episodes. Not every episode wound up a classic, and some were downright cringe-worthy.

As part of the fun, Star Trek’s official blog, “One Trek Mind,” held its annual panel hosted by Jordan Hoffman. Each year, its live convention iteration puts together one or several top ten lists around fun Trek topics. One of this year’s lists nails down the 10 worst episodes of all time. Take a look at the rundown from Star Trek’s Twitter below:

AND HERE ARE YOUR BOTTOM 10! Thanks for joining us for #OneTrekMindLive at #STLV50

— Star Trek (@StarTrek) August 5, 2016

And in order from least worst to absolute worst:

  • Precious Cargo (Enterprise)
  • The Alternative Factor (The Original Series)
  • Move Along Home (Deep Space Nine)
  • And the Children Shall Lead (The Original Series)
  • Sub Rosa (The Next Generation)
  • Shades of Gray (The Next Generation)
  • Turnabout Intruder (The Original Series)
  • Threshold (Voyager)
  • Code of Honor (The Next Generation)
  • These Are the Voyages (Enterprise)

During Star Trek’s main convention, fans engaged in a raucous debate, moderated by Hoffman. At its conclusion, the conventioneers compile their selections and vote on the ‘official’ top ten list, which then makes its way online. Past lists included “Best Supporting Trek Actors,” “Best Klingon,” and “Biggest Star Trek Jerk.”  Selecting the worst Trek moments of all time certainly isn’t an easy task, and the debate was likely heated, if enjoyable.

While far from conclusive (the top ten was slapped together during a convention, after all), the worst episode list tracks down turkeys from each series. Top honors go to the finale of Enterprise, “These are the Voyages,” which was essentially a flashback from The Next Generation and almost gave more screen-time to Commander Riker and Counselor Troi than the show’s cast. Coming in second was the racially insensitive at best TNG episode, “Code of Honor,” where an alien species (who was portrayed entirely by African-American actors) kidnap Tasha Yar. Other top contenders include the TNG pointless clip-show sickbay slacker “Shades of Gray,” the sexist Original Series clunker “Turnabout Intruder,” the goofball live-action gameshow from DS9 “Move Along Home,” and the Voyager light speed-mutation lark “Threshold.”

As far as per-episode stinkers, the big winner (or loser) this year was a tie, with TNG and TOS each landing three episodes on the raspberries list. Enterprise came in second with two episodes making the cut. There are certainly some crummy shows which didn’t make the list – such as the fun but awful “Spock’s Brain” and the ludicrous cross-dressing DS9 episode “Profit & Lace.” But these ten episodes are, without a doubt, some of the least-exemplary episodes in Star Trek’s 50 years.

Still, Trekkies are nothing if not vocal about their likes and dislikes. An episode one fan enjoys may scrape the bottom of another devotee’s barrel. With a new series on the way, hopefully we won’t get any more shoddy shows, but sometimes a stinker slips through the cracks. Fortunately, there are many more classic moments than crummy ones for fans to enjoy. (Take a look at some of ours).

What’s your least favorite episode? Did it make the list? What's your favorite so-bad-it’s-good episode? Let us know in the comments.

The new Star Trek series will debut on CBS All Access and Netflix in January 2017.

Source: Star Trek

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