Star Trek 4: Chris Hemsworth To Return

Chris Hemsworth George Kirk Star Trek

Paramount has yet to release this summer's Star Trek Beyond in theaters (as of this writing), but in typical Hollywood fashion, they're already starting to piece together Star Trek 4. J.J. Abrams, who directed the first two movies in the Kelvin Timeline and produced Beyond, recently confirmed that another film was going to happen and he was very excited about the project. This development was a welcomed one, since the first wave of reviews for Beyond praised it as an entertaining ride. The Star Trek franchise is back on the right track.

Since Star Trek 4 has only just been announced, there isn't much by the way of details available at this point in time. It's long been reported that stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will be back as the dynamic duo of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, but most of the film remains a mystery. But now, an intriguing new twist has been revealed, one that raises several big questions.

Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood tweeted out a major Star Trek 4 scoop that came straight from Abrams. Apparently, the upcoming movie will be a tale of father and son, since Pine will be joined by none other than Chris Hemsworth, who played George Kirk in the opening moments of 2009's Star Trek:

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