'Star Trek 3': Shatner & Orci Address Kirk Cameo Rumors

Star Trek Original Kirk and Spock

The Hollywood rumor mill has only grown faster and more efficient in the internet age, and one of the latest stories being passed around is a recent report from Badass Digest that the current draft of Star Trek 3's script includes an "integral" scene that would reteam Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner as the older versions of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk, respectively.

While cool in concept, this is easier said than done. Nimoy was diagnosed with lung disease earlier this year and said in a recent interview that if he was offered the opportunity to reprise his role as Spock again, "I'd take [the] call, but doubt I’d do any acting... I don’t want to go off on location again." Shatner, meanwhile, had a cameo in the original script for 2009's Star Trek that was later cut out. Director J.J. Abrams claimed that this was partly due to Shatner demanding a bigger role - though Shatner himself said that this was untrue and he'd never even been contacted by Abrams in the first place.

With all that in mind, we took the news of a Nimoy-Shatner reunion in Star Trek 3 with a grain of salt, and things have now become even less clear after director Roberto Orci and Shatner himself have both responded to the latest reports. For Shatner, it was more or less a case of repeating what he said several years ago.

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