'Star Trek 3' Director Shortlist Includes Duncan Jones, Justin Lin & More [Re-Updated]

[RE-UPDATE: It looks as though Justin Lin will be directing Star Trek 3.]


Paramount is searching for a top choice to direct the next Star Trek movie, with the intention of getting the film in theaters in time for the sci-fi property's 50th anniversary in 2016. It would appear that the screenplay co-penned by Roberto Orci - who we reported had stepped down as director earlier this month - is still being used (despite rumors suggesting otherwise); and thus, now the project needs a helmsman to keep it on course to make a mid-2015 production start.

Deadline is reporting that at least one individual on Paramount's current Star Trek 3 director shortlist is someone who was considered for the job before Orci stepped up; namely, the director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and this month's Mark Wahlberg crime/drama The Gambler, Rupert Wyatt. The acclaimed filmmaker is one of five names mentioned in the site's article, though the report also cautions that this "might not be an all-inclusive list."

Edgar Wright was floated as being a possibly shortly after Orci departed, but he's nowhere to be found on the new Star Trek 3 potential helmsman roster. In addition to Wyatt, the list includes Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code), Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), Justin Lin (Fast Five, Furious 6), and Morten Tyldum; the latter is one of this awards season's breakout directors, for his work on the now Golden Globe-Nominated Alan Turing drama, The Imitation Game.

Jones is a promising candiate to direct Star Trek 3, but the continuing post-production for Warcraft (which may go on throughout 2015) might prevent him from being able to guide the U.S.S. Enterprise's next space mission. Espionsa, in addition to being a less exciting possibility than Jones, may nonetheless also not be available for Star Trek 3, seeing as he's already lined up to next direct the Boston Marathon bombing drama, Boston Strong.

UPDATE: Jones has gone ahead and taken himself out of the running to direct Star Trek 3:

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'Star Trek 3' Director Shortlist Includes Duncan Jones, Justin Lin & More [Re-Updated]