Star Trek: 2017 TV Show Gets a Teaser Poster

New Star Trek TV show to debut on CBS in 2017

For those in the know in regards to Gene Roddenberry's seminal science-fiction drama series for television of the 1960s, Star Trek is set to make yet another return to the small screen in another stand-alone series set to premiere on CBS sometime next year on said network's exclusive streaming service, namely CBS All Access. The new show will be developed by show-runner Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), alongside writer and producer Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), as well as executive producer and franchise royalty Rod Roddenberry.

Little is known as of yet in regards to what kind of show the new Star Trek program will shape up to be, though it is probably safe to say that the series will feature yet another intrepid crew explorers set to explore space, the final frontier, and to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before. On that note, the latest bit of promotional material might just stoke the fires of fan anticipation a little more for fans of the classic sci-fi series.

As reported and published by Empire, the first official teaser poster seen below for the new Star Trek TV series has just been released online in all of its enigmatic, albeit immediately familiar, glory. The artwork, or rather a photograph of the artwork (as you can see below), includes a vast interstellar vista with Star Trek's iconic Starfleet insignia featured front and center, with a caption reading, "Star Trek. The Next Chapter...Boldly Going In 2017," - all of which is overlaid over an image of a solitary crew member making his way around the environs an alien vessel.

Have a look at the poster (or, if you prefer, a photo of it), below:

With such A-list television and film aficionados on board like Fuller, Meyer, and Rodberry's own blood heir to the family franchise, the new Star Trek series on CBS should give the likes of Star Trek Beyond a run for its money, provided the new TV show stays as faithful to its source material as the teaser poster in question appears to promise. It's still too early to make any grand, sweeping predictions about the new production, but here's to hoping that Fuller and company will be able to deliver a program more in keeping with the philosophically inclined intrigue and nuance of the original hour-long serial of the 1960s.

Until the new show finally sees its premiere on CBS in January 2017, Star Trek fans will just have to wait and see how well the new show does at capturing some of the essence of Gene Roddenberry's distinctive vision. In the mean time, viewers can see Star Trek Beyond in theaters later this Summer, and whet their appetite for what is yet to come on the small screen.

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Star Trek Beyond will see theatrical release in the U.S. on July 22nd, 2016. The new Star Trek TV show pilot will premiere on CBS in January 2017 and stream exclusively through CBS All Access thereafter.

Source: Empire

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