Star Trek 2 Script Still Not Finished; Kirk Love Interest Debunked

Star Trek 2 movie sequel

A few months back we reported that screenwriting team Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had "broken" the story for Star Trek 2. With a June 29, 2012 release date, and pre-production ramping up, many fans were hoping they'd hear about a finished script in the near future.

Today, as rumors of a potential love interest for Captain Kirk spread through the Internet (and were subsequently debunked), Orci set the record straight.

Orci was forced to make a response after a false report posted on an unofficial/impersonator Facebook page for actor Chris Pine stated:

"After a thousand questions regarding the Star Trek sequel I can finally say I am holding the draft script in my hand. I can also now tell you I have a love interest and it's all looking very exciting. Sorry but I cant give you a date for filming yet, but you guys are going to love it!"

The report (and comment) was quickly debunked by TrekMovie who confirmed that no script drafts have been sent to actors. It wasn't long before Orci put the nail in this particular rumor's coffin - responding in the comments of TrekMovie's article.

boborci: "Wish it was true that he had read a great script se we wouldn’t have to finish it!"

Before you make the argument that anyone could pretend to comment as Orci, TrekMovie is a trusted source for Star Trek news and has confirmed that the commenter is in fact the Star Trek 2 screenwriter.

J.J. Abrams had previously stated that he intended to have a decision about whether or not he'd be directing the Star Trek sequel at the end of March. However, that decision was dependent on reading the script. Considering we're nearing the final days of the month, it sounds as though scripting the sequel might be taking a bit longer than originally expected.

That said, concerned fans shouldn't get too worked up - even if the script isn't finished, J.J. Abrams, as a producer on the film, undoubtedly has a solid handle on Kurtzman and Orci's writing process. Abrams can make a decision without seeing the final draft of the script - and there will still be plenty of time for the writers to work-out the finishing touches.

Star Trek 2 Captain Kirk Love Interest

Should one of those finishing touches turn out to be a love interest (not because of the previously mentioned debunked rumor; rather, because a love interest would make sense), it's likely the character will not be a high-profile fan-favorite - since, traditionally, Kirk didn't have a static Lois Lane-style true love and meshing the iconic character with another permanent staple would limit story possibilities in future sequels.

Could Kirk end up falling in love with a dangerous, double-crossing, villainess? It certainly wouldn't be the first time in the Star Trek universe.

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Star Trek 2 will arrive in theaters on, star date, June 29th, 2012.

Source: TrekMovie

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