Star Trek 11 - And Now for Something Completely Different

So despite all the gloom and doom surrounding the Star Trek franchise, it seems that there is still forward motion on a movie being referred to as a prequel to the original series. The working title is Star Trek: The Beginning, which I find interesting since I thought Enterprise was supposed to be "the beginning".

It will take place a couple of years after the events of Star Trek: Enterprise and will not follow the traditional Trek format of starship captain and crew on a ship. Oh, there will be a ship or two floating around somewhere but that's not the focus of the story. There will also be no characters from any of the existing series involved.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm ever hopeful when it comes to Star Trek... but if this takes place shortly after Enterprise, why not include at least one or two characters from that show? I suppose they associate that series with failure and want to steer as clear away from it as possible.

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Source: TrekWeb

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