Star Fox Zero Trailer: Do a Barrel Roll!

Many gamers of the 1990s may well remember the first time they encountered franchise creator Shigeru Miyamoto's popular Super Nintendo flight simulator - and with the release of Star Fox Zero  on the way next month, it would appear that the twenty-three year old property is up for a major overhaul and reboot for current generation consoles. Come the time of the title's official release, Wii U owners will be able to commandeer their way through the series familiar arches and aestheticized mechanics and design once more, with the added bonus of an additional game, Star Fox Guard, packaged with all pre-orders, in addition to retro Amiibo functionality.

Just how popular Star Fox Zero will ultimately prove to be with gamers who grew up in console generations after the '90s remains to be seen. However, by the looks of things in the game's first official trailer (see above), fans of rail shooters the world over should have something to celebrate when Miyamoto's reboot of the classic property finally hits store shelves in a few weeks.

In the Star Fox Zero footage featured above, video game publisher Nintendo reveals a whole mess of updated graphics and gameplay design set to feature in the new Star Fox game, replete with the familiar sound effects and voices of the Star Fox crew. And if you aren't already familiar with the rather storied history of the science-fiction gaming series since its initial inception and release in 1993, you can check out the video below - as it features a visual history of the title over the years, with footage included from every previous Star Fox game (in chronological order).

For those who might have missed out on playing Star Fox over the years, gazing upon the historical retrospective adds a significant amount of insight into the visual mastery and creative process undertaken by Miyamoto over the years in the development and polishing of what has always been a flagship series within the larger Nintendo canon. As for the latest Star Fox Zero trailer proper, many of the former gamers who were otherwise denied the chance to play classic title should be eager to try their hands on the forthcoming Wii U update and begin exploring the world of Miyamoto's singular imagination.

Until the game finally hits store shelves, gamers can rest assured knowing that the classic franchise is headed back to the current gaming generation with style and plenty of acknowledgements made to its storied past. With any luck, Star Fox Zero will prove to be a more than fitting successor to its eponymous heritage, and might just win a few new fans of the property in the process.

Star Fox Zero will be available to purchase on April 22nd, 2016.

Source: Nintendo

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