Star Citizen is A Lifestyle: Crowdfunding Hits $200 Million

The most successful entertainment crowdfunding campaign just keeps on growing! Star Citizen, the insanely ambitious and seemingly always evolving space sim, just crossed the $200 million mark in time for its anniversary this week, despite having no release date in sight. It does however, have one habitable planet after seven years of development, and you can check it out this week for free!

Earlier this year we shared the news that Star Citizen already had 2 million invested players, a portion of whom pay monthly subscription fees to gain access to all of the game's insider and community based features and content. Much of the other money comes from the sale of in-game digital assets, namely super expensive starships (some cost over $1000!).

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In that respect, players can buy progress and wealth in-game using real-world money even though there is no full game. There are playable portions of it in the Alpha 3.3 build, including Arena Commander (starship PvP), Murray Cup (ship racing), and Star Marine (FPS) and the main Persistent Test Universe which is totally worth checking out if you haven't been following along.

For the curious or for invested players who paid for one of the many pledge packages and are still waiting on the game, anyone and everyone can try Star Citizen and all of its offerings for free this week. Yes, that means you can try out every single playable ship that's already in the game. The goal of course, is to get more potential buyers to join the 2,123,763 players (at the time of this writing) who have already joined the universe.

Star Citizen will be FREE for anyone to try from November 23 to November 30.

Note: Each day during Free Fly Schedule has different ships available, base on the different in-game starship manufacturers. See page 3 for a specific list of every ship available, by day.

The timing of the $200 million milestone is perfect for creator Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Starlancer) and the community since last month was host to CitizenCon 2018 where the game's first habitable planet, Hurston, was revealed.

Hurston is a massive planet encompassing thousands of kilometers of playable space, with more than five distinct biomes including cityscapes, savannahs, frigid tundra’s, mountains and coastal seascapes. Lorville, the planet’s major city hub, will also be available to all players. In Lorville, players can expect to find a densely populated, living city, including the “New Deal” ship shop, the game’s in-game location for the buying of in-game ships with in-game currency.

There's even a fully operational train that travels around the city! Check out the amazing screenshots on the next two pages.

Roberts wrote a letter to the Star Citizen community yesterday about the milestone, thanking the massive international community for taking part (spending) in the dream that is this ambitious project. Check it out, alongside details of what the game is offering next, and what separates Star Citizen from any other game on page 2.

Page 2 of 3: Chris Roberts Writes to Star Citizen Community About $200 Million Milestone

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