Star Citizen Player Somehow Catches Friend Falling Through Atmosphere

Star Citizen Ship Landing

Star Citizen might have just had its coolest moment yet - a video taken by a player as they tumble through the atmosphere showcases the power of teamwork in Cloud Imperium Games' space adventure title, and what follows the initial mistake is an incredible rescue mission orchestrated on the fly.

Star Citizen is the still-upcoming massive multiplayer, space trading and combat game from developer Cloud Imperium Games. The game is famous for the extremely large crowdfunding campaign that launched it, totalling over $200 million on Kickstarter, and its notoriously long development time. The latter has been a point of contention for those who backed the game initially, as the game was originally supposed to launch all the way back in 2014. Although there are playable portions of the game that exist currently, the it's close to a fifth year past its initial release target and has been called vaporware by the many critics who feel the title will never actually be completed.

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If that's true, it will be a shame, because moments in Star Citizen like the one captured on this video by YouTuber Tyler Palmer showcase just how much potential the game has to create the kind of unique, player-driven experiences that players often dream of. The video, which clocks in at just over five minutes, details the rescue of one player who failed to notice that the pair of explorers had yet to leave the atmosphere of the planet they were orbiting. As a result, the player begins to plummet to his demise once he leaves his ship instead of floating, prompting the frantic rescue mission that seems almost like a deliberate one-upping of the infamous Red Bull atmosphere jump.

The player in charge of the rescue nimbly pilots their ship into the atmosphere and, after some finessing and readjustments, manages to line the ship up with their falling comrade. The pilot then unlocks the back door to their spaceship and allows the falling astronaut to scale the side of the vehicle before popping open the back door. Both players realize this could still end in tragedy, however, and manage to slow the ship down just enough so that the falling player can enter it without being crushed on impact or careening into the pilot, killing them both.

For people who missed the initial Kickstarter craze over Star Citizen and have only seen the negativity that currently surrounds its lengthy development time, this video is a wonderful example of the kind of promise the crowdfunders who financed the project saw in the title during its infancy. Two smart, capable players accidentally created a Mission Impossible-esque emergency scenario for themselves and, with nothing but the game's deep mechanics and their wits, were able to persevere. If there's hope for Star Citizen yet, it's in organic, exciting moments like this one, and Cloud Imperium Games should count their lucky stars that the event was caught on video.

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Source: Tyler Palmer/YouTube

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