Star Citizen Hits 250 Million Funding Milestone

Star Citizen reaches its $250 million funding milestone, partially thanks to the CitizenCon 2019 event, that sparked the players' interest.

Star Citizen Hits 250 Million Crowdfunding

Cloud Imperium Games, the company behind the unreleased game Star Citizen, managed to raise $250,000,000 after the CitizenCon event, held in late November, drew attention to the title. Star Citizen was set for release in 2014, but that didn't happen despite the considerable sums raised by its developer through different crowdfunding initiatives. In 2012, Cloud Imperium Games started a Kickstarter campaign with an initial goal of $500,000, that was quickly exceeded thanks to the enthusiasm of the fans.

Despite the huge support from the gaming community, to the point where a player pledged over $30,000 to Star Citizen's crowdfunding campaign, the official release was delayed, probably because of poor management of the funds invested by fans, other than a messy production pipeline. Other than that, Star Citizen is an incredibly ambitious project, and the developer's eagerness to hire famous actors to lend their voices to the characters of the game certainly didn't help to speed up the production process. After being into development for 8 years, the game is currently in its Alpha 3.7 version, avaialble only for people who purchase a game package through the developer's offiicial website.

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Regardless of all those roadblocks, the enthusiasm of the gamers for the unreleased title never stopped. As Alt Char reports, Star Citizen hit the $250,000,000 funding milestone on December 1, 2019. In early November, Cloud Imperium had raised around $240 million, and it was unlikely to reach the milestone before 2020, since the previous six months scored less than $3.5 million. However, the CitizenCon 2019 event, held in Manchester on November 23, was followed by a massive amount of pledges from the fans, making it possible to hit the ambitious goal.

Star Citizen Atmosphere Flight

The CitizenCon event is a yearly convention for the fans of the upcoming game. It drew so much attention towards the game and its development process, that Cloud Imperium raised $9,651,780 in November alone. Interestingly, some of the players who attended the event explained to Alt Char their reasons to keep trusting Star Citizen's developer and pledging money in exchange for game packages and other perks. According to the popular gaming website, the title's fans think that Star Citizen is going to offer something unique, and they're forgiving of the developer's many production delays and pitfalls.

However, we still have to see whether Star Citizen will deliver on its promises, or disappoint the thousands backers who spent considerable amounts of money to support its development. Based on the latest teaser video released by Cloud Imperium, which showed bugs and unimpressive graphics, it's clear that the game is not yet ready for its official release. However, the massive interest of the gaming community for the title is a non-negligible factor. It's certain that, if Cloud Imperium finds a way to manage its funds in a better way, Star Citizen could become one of the most popular space-themed video games of all times.

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Star Citizen is currently planning a beta release in Q2 2020.

Source: Alt Char

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