Stan Lee's Upcoming Marvel Movie Cameos

Stan Lee, The Man, The Legend.

If you know anything about comic books then you know the name Stan Lee. He’s the comic geek god who introduced the world to the super famous superheroes Spider-Man, Hulk, The X-Men, Thor, Daredevil and Iron Man among others.

Stan is currently 86 years young and in recent years, he’s been included in many of the major Marvel-based films with small cameo roles and now it appears that there's plenty more coming our way.

Some of these appearances include playing Hugh Hefner in Iron Man, playing a dude who gets poisoned from drinking a bottle made in the factory where Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner works in The Incredible Hulk and a guest at Mr. Fantastic’s and the Invisible Woman’s wedding whom the bouncer wouldn’t allow in during the intro scene to the Fantastic Four sequel.

In addition to those notable roles, he’s appeared in all three Spider-Man films, Daredevil, X-Men 1 & 3, Ang Lee's Hulk, the first Fantastic Four and several voice roles in Marvel cartoons among other appearances.

If you thought was a lot of cameos, expect plenty more.

The genius creator has been popping up in recent news reports online surrounding cameos in several of the in-development Marvel movies.

According to Superhero Hype!, Zombieland creators Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who are in charge of the screenplay for the in-development Venom spinoff of the Spider-Man franchise, revealed that Stan Lee will be in their movie:

"Oh, yeah. Stan Lee is in it… I feel like that's the one thing we can say. He does appear in our script, and we're very specific about where he is and why. May he live forever. Let's hope he's in many movies to come."

According to some inside information exclusive to Nuke The Fridge, Lee will also be playing Larry King in Iron Man 2 in a scene where King interviews Tony Stark about a new suit he makes in the film (War Machine’s?).

In addition to those, there’s a more recent report from the same source at Nuke The Fridge today that says Stan may be playing a cameo role as an Asgardian in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor.

Perhaps it’s not Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. that will tie the Marvel franchise together… it’s Stan Lee! He’s even able to cross studios from Sony to Fox to Marvel, etc.

It’s fantastic that one of the great folks behind what we love and cherish today is alive to share in its silver screen glory and better yet, to partake in it himself and become forever a part of the films. What a fun a great way to please the fans, the filmmakers and keep everything rooted in the idea that this is all for entertainment and enjoyment. Continue to Page 2 to see some examples of this...

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