Stan Lee's 10 Little-Known Non-MCU Cameos

It's truly the end of an era: the sad news broke today that Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95. MCU fans know and love him as the co-creator of many of Marvel Comics' most beloved characters.

It's impossible to describe the impact that Stan Lee has had on popular culture. He was responsible for co-creating Spider-Man, Daredevil, Blank Panther, Ant-Man, Thor, and the X-Men, to name a few. He received the (well-deserved) National Medal of Arts in 2008 and, according to WSBT, "Lee was widely considered the architect of the contemporary comic book".

While we mourn this sad loss, it's time to celebrate the amazing work that he did. While we know him as the creator of all things Marvel and fans were always thrilled to see him making cameos in several movies, he had some non-MCU cameos as well. Here are 10 of his best non-Marvel cameo roles that might not be as well known.

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10 Entourage

The HBO series starring Adrian Grenier as the loveable and charming actor Vincent Chase had many celebrity cameos over the course of its eight-season run.

We might not remember that Stan Lee had a cameo, but it's up there with his non-Marvel cameos and definitely deserves to be remembered. He played himself in the 2010 episode called "Bottom's Up." Vince brings his girlfriend Sasha Grey (who also happens to be a porn star) to a meeting with Stan Lee. Whether we count ourselves among Entourage fans or not, we can agree that we need to re-watch this scene immediately.

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9 Fresh Off The Boat

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Another one of Stan Lee's little-known non-MCU cameos was in the 2017 episode of Fresh Off The Boat called "Pie vs. Cake." Eddie and Emery work on a comic book, so, naturally, Stan Lee was the best pick for a celebrity guest appearance.

As writer Daniel Carter told Entertainment Weekly, "Then, just as a joke for funsies, we were like, “Hey, why don’t we put Stan Lee in the tag just for fun knowing that we will have to change it later?” I never thought in a thousand years it was going to be possible. Flash forward to us standing on stage watching Stan Lee just absolutely crush it. Oh god, it was like a dream come true".

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8 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement


This Stan Lee little-known non-MCU cameo just had to make the list because it's a super surprising role. Who would expect the Marvel legend to appear in the Anne Hathaway-starring romantic comedy? That's exactly why it deserves a mention. So what was his role? He played a character who attended the wedding at the center of the movie's story and didn't speak much English but was a fan of The Three Stooges, which helped with his learning the language.

Dorkly joked, "Despite what you may think, The Princess Diaries is not based on a superhero comic created by Stan Lee".

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7 Chuck

Yup, Stan Lee also appeared in an episode of Chuck, the Zachary Levi-starring spy action comedy which ran from 2007 until 2012. Stan Lee was in the 2011 episode called "Chuck Versus The Santa Suit."

As we can see from the little-known cameos on this list, Stan Lee often played himself or a comic book editor or expert, but he played something new here.

When writing about this cameo for Entertainment Weekly, Sandra Gonzalez said, "Stan Lee, you sly dog. In this week’s Christmas episode of Chuck, the comic book legend makes a quick cameo — with a twist. As you’ll see in the exclusive clip below, we learn that Lee is actually a spy! (Oh, in a perfectly awesome world, this would be 100 percent true.)"

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6 The Ambulance

Reading Comics

Although Stan Lee is, of course, known as the man behind everything Marvel, there were some non-Marvel movies that he appeared in. One of them is a film called The Ambulance.

According to Redditblog, "For his first live-action, speaking part, Lee stuck with a role he knew: comic book editor". This is a little-known performance for sure. We may not have even heard of this film before, let alone know that it was one of Stan Lee's non-MCU cameos, but it's good to know about and something that fans should check out. The Larry Cohen-directed film was released in 1990.

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5 Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken Wiki - Fandom

Robot Chickencreated by Matthew Senreich and Seth Green, has been on the air since 2005 and has nine seasons so far. It makes sense, then, that the stop-motion sketch comedy series would have some notable and exciting celebrity guest voices, including none other than Stan Lee.

Stan Lee appeared in three episodes: 2007's 'Tapping a Hero", 2012's "Executed by the State" and 2013's "Robot Fight Incident."

In "Tapping a Hero", Stan Lee and Pamela Anderson were part of a clever storyline chatting all things celebrities for a show called "Superheroes Tonight." Don't we wish that was a show that we could actually watch?!

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4 Mallrats


Stan Lee gives Jason Lee's character, Brodie, relationship advice in Kevin Smith's 90s film Mallrats. When he appeared on a panel at the 2016 Denver Comic-Con, according to Geek Tyrant, he said he loved his Mallrats role: "I got a big kick out of Mallrats".

He shared a hilarious and heartwarming story as well: he said to Jason Lee, "'I remember I once had a girlfriend and I lost her but I've never forgotten her, and I think about her all the time,' something like that. Now, I went home, and my wife said to me, 'Now what is this about that girlfriend?' And I learned you have to be very careful about how you explain movies to your wife".

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3 The Simpsons


Fans of The Simpsons know to expect some famous voices and quite a range too, from Johnny Cash to Bette Middler, Danny Devito, and Luke Perry. Stan Lee was one such famous voice on the long-running, popular animated series.

Stan Lee is so beloved that he even appeared in three episodes of The Simpsons: in 2002's "I Am Furious Yellow", 2014's "Married to the Blob" and 2017's "The Caper Chase." In his 2002 episode, Stan gives Bart some inspiring advice about his comic book, Danger Dudeand tells him to continue to "find his own voice." We might not necessarily associate The Simpsons with heartwarming moments but that counts as one for sure.

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2 The Big Bang Theory


Stan Lee had a cameo on the popular sitcom about loveable geek Sheldon Cooper and his pals. This might count as a little-known non-MCU appearance for the late legend, but it's worth watching again. He appeared in the 2010 episode called "The Excelsior Acquisition."

In the episode, Stan Lee signs comics for the gang and they all enjoy some gelato... minus Sheldon, who drove through a red and had to go to court because of it. It wouldn't be an episode of The Big Bang Theory without some of Sheldon's hilarious and charming antics, and fans will cheer when they remember that Stan Lee appeared on one of their favorite sitcoms.

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1 Big Hero 6


Finally, Stan Lee's cameo in Big Hero 6 definitely takes the number one spot. He voiced the character of Fred's dad and it was a surprise to fans because he appeared at the end. As Cinema Blend says, "And if you looked at the portraits on the wall, you might have realized that Fred’s father was none other than Marvel Comics maestro, Stan "The Man" Lee". After the final credits rolled, there was a scene between Fred and his dad, aka Stan Lee.

You will be missed Stan Lee, but thankfully, your incredible Marvel Cinematic Universe and the stories that you brought us will live on forever.

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