Stan Lee Wants a Silver Surfer Movie

Stan Lee Silver Surfer

Stan Lee wants a solo Silver Surfer movie. As the co-creator of numerous Marvel characters, Stan Lee has had the opportunity to see dozens of his creations brought to life on the big screen and on TV, including many of his own favorites. And though the Surfer, has already had his live-action debut but Lee wants more of the cosmic hero.

The 94-year-old Marvel Comics legend was recently honored at Disney's D23 convention and will soon visit another event, Extraordinary: Stan Lee, which will be attended by several celebrities who will pay tribute to Lee. While discussing the event, Lee was asked about what character he would like to see in a movie. Though Lee admits that Spider-Man is his most popular character, he is more interested in seeing the Silver Surfer grace the big screen once again.

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The Marvel icon shares an obvious enthusiasm for the character. Originally created by Jack Kirby, Lee was skeptical of bringing a surfboard-riding hero to the pages of Fantastic Four, but eventually came around to the idea and helped Kirby develop the character as a noble hero who sacrifices his own humanity to defend him homeworld from Galactus. In talking with Syfy Wire, Lee said:

Silver Surfer Emotions lake

"He’s the one I want to see more. He’s the most philosophical of all the characters I’ve ever worked on. And I have an idea for my cameo in that one!"

The Silver Surfer, played by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne, made his first and only live-action appearance in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Lee had a cameo in that film as an uninvited guest at Reed and Sue's weeding. In the interview, Lee seems to acknowledge that the movie was a disappointment to fans of the Surfer and is hopeful that the Sentinel of the Spaceways will get another chance to shine sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to say when another movie featuring the Silver Surfer could actually happen, especially since the rights to the character remain at 20th Century Fox. In 2012, there were rumors that Marvel was interested in letting Fox keep Daredevil in exchange for Silver Surfer and Galactus. However, if there ever were any official talks of a trade -- which Fox has denied -- nothing ever came of it, and the rights to Daredevil reverted to Marvel Studios, which paved the way for the character to get his own Netflix series. Meanwhile, the Surfer continues to stay in creative limbo at Fox.

It's understandable why Marvel would want the Surfer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially considering the current direction of the MCU. The Silver Surfer was a major player in the comic book versions of Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War, making him the biggest character from the source material aside from Adam Warlock not to appear in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Source: Syfy Wire

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